Virtual machine installation problem

Hello, when I try to install Ubuntu Budgie version 19.10 on a virtual machine (I do it from a Windows 10 Pro x64 OS) I get an error and it does not allow installation, it doesn’t matter if I use VMware than VirtualBox, the same thing happens with Ubuntu version 19.10. However, an image that I have already set up from a web page that has images of Linux distributions ready to use, works perfectly for me.

I include a capture of the error it gives me.

Could you tell me what the problem is?


please check the md5sum values of the ISO(s) you have downloaded to confirm no corruption has occurred during your download.

I don’t think you need to use Easy Install. @fossfreedom is UB even compatible with Easy Install?

no clue - never used it.

Normal Ubuntu is, I’m pretty sure UB is too. That could be the problem if it’s not. However the message does clearly say corrupted.

Hello again, first of all thanks for the comments, about checking the values of md5sum of the ISO I downloaded I have to look to see how it is done since I have no knowledge of it, but I downloaded the ISOS from the official websites.

What I did now is to download an Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 ISO from this page:

and I installed it in virtual machine with VMware player and installed and it works correctly.

I will continue testing the next few days and I will tell you.


Hi there. The reason it was suggested that you check the ISO’s is that at times a portion of the file can become corrupt due to things like packet loss, etc. It’s more of a precaution.

Thank you.