Login issue (permanent "Invalid password")

I’m trying to install Budgie Standard 23.10 on Oracle VirtualBox, and during the process it requires me to enter my username and password.

Even though I enter them 100% correctly, I get stuck at the login screen - it always returns

Invalid password, please try again

What’s the problem?

This happens before or after the installation?

If before then this usually occurs because the iso downloaded is corrupt.

Do check the published SHA value of the iso.

The SHA of the .iso matches the one that should be (I downloaded 23.10 via torrent)


I’m trying to install Budgie this way:

  1. Configuring the virtual machine.
  2. The VirtualBox Manager powers the VM up.
  3. The GNU GRUB window shows up, I select Try or Install Ubuntu Budgie.
  4. The login stage that never accepts my data even though I enter it correctly.

I would provide each item on the list with a screenshot, but new users are only allowed to insert 1 media file per post.

I purposely came up with the simplest username and password possible so that I wouldn’t make mistake. Nevertheless, I still get “Invalid password” error.

Please describe what values you chose at each stage. We need to see if we can reproduce your issue.

I have never seen this myself. Selected english uk, standard keyboard, standard install (no custom options) username with no special characters and password of no special characters

Here’s all the info on each stage: GDrive

It’s interesting that the LTS version (22.04) works fine. I use the same username and password for it, all other values are also similar. It never returned me the “Invalid password” error.
However, I’d like to use Budgie Standard.

Ah. I suspect its virtualbox that can’t cope with the new installer in unattended mode.

Dont use unattended installation … dont use virtualbox guest additions until after the install has occurred.

Thank you, having Skip Unattended Installation on did help. Had to go through the manual installation, but at least I didn’t get looped on the login screen.

Even though Standard version has the latest features, I find LTS to be more reliable and predicable.