19.04 install problem on hp15 with i915 intel card

Hi, i have not decided wich budgie desktop i prefer, the upstream solus one or the ubuntu budgie one. I installed first the just released solus 4.0, the boot time is very long and some application like vlc had the dialogs bad rendered, i had the feeling the desktop responsiviness was kinda slow despise budgie being marketed as "lightning fast"so i give ubuntu budgie 18.10 a try, instantly i noticed a great improvent in desktop resposiviness and boot time is just few seconds instead of 60-70 in solus. Googling around sudently i found ub 19.04 release is just around the corner, so i downloaded the beta iso today and burned to the same usb using dd command, now i can’t install ub disco, after selecting try ub in boot menu and a few second of the splash image, my laptop just hangs forever in a black screen with a cursor in the left corner. i havent changed anything in the efi bios settings. i dont have another pc to burn the 18.10 iso again so i am struck with an unbootable ub live usb drive, what can i check to make the installation work?¡

I suspect your issue is this


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It will be fixed before the release on the 15th April. In the interim you need to add nomodeset to your boot grub screen.

Thanks foss, that indeed was the problem, when this issue is fixed, do i have to delete the grub nomodeset entry or the update process will overwrite my /etc/default/grub file? Also i am from latinoamerica so my input setting is in spanish, but there are items in the menu that are not translated, i .e. Administration, Preferences, anyway i guess this will be fixed before the oficial release.
Congratulations to the development team and the community for this beautiful and blazing-fast desktop, wow i really love the new default theme.

You will need to delete that entry - unless there is another grub package update when it will ask you whether to overwrite your changes.

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