Complete disaster after installation 18.04

Hey there
I wonder what’s wrong with my new Budgie-installation. First i tried to upgrade 17.10 to 18.04. I have a seperate home-partion. After restart there was nothing but black, so I rebooted again. A few minutes later the login screen appeared and after loging in it went black again. The process was incredibly slow and sluggish - and it failded: a few minutes later I was back at the login screen.
Then I downloaded the iso, made a bootable usb-stick and tried the procedure again (again triying to preserve my /home). Man - i’ve never seen such a slow installation. And then - everything went back to where it stuck before.
I tried the same thing with a different usb-stick, downloaded another iso (I even tried the 32 bit) - finally I deleted the home-partition an had a full clean install - it still doesn’t work. Out of desperation I installed 17.10 again - and this works like charm!
I’m a bit confused - is there something I’m missing?

Is this a complete hard disk wipe and install or have you got other partitions such as a Windows partition?

Hi fossfreedom
Complete wipe and install, no other OS. I just went back to 17.10 again - this is working so smoothly, the installation is done in about 10 minutes, just as I expected. I have three partitions root, home and swap.

for the moment stick with 17.10. Please report a bug on launchpad to inform the developers of your issue. This would allow them to advise you further and hopefully provide a fix before you next update.

From a usb stick boot into a live session and run

ubuntu-bug linux

Tag the bug report on launchpad with “bionic”. I suspect the bug report may be forwarded to another group and you will be asked to give more information.

Have you got nvidia graphics?

I’ve seen various 18.04 woes (all Ubuntu variants) with people reporting crashes on logon and this was resolved by booting the installer using “nouveau.modeset=0”

Hi fossfreedom
Nice to see that you don’t give up on me :wink:
Yes I have NVIDIA graphics. Do you think this could be the solution to the trouble I’m going through while installing. The installation process takes an incredibley long time, and also the boot-process takes like forever. I’m a bit reluctant to go through this again, as the reinstalled 17.10 is just perfect.

I would at least try it with the Try Ubuntu install option. Hopefully this will allow you to get to a live session that doesn’t crash. At that point you can the collect the logs the launch pad triagers want.

If you do see a speedup to get to the live session … it should only take a few seconds … then a subsequent install is likely to also be quick. If however booting to the live session takes a long time then I wouldn’t continue with the install until you get feedback from the triagers.