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Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 MD5 Hash


Today I downloaded the version of ubuntu budgie 18.04 64 bit.
The MD5 Hash gives different than on the web page.
I’ve downloaded it twice by torrent.

Original Hash (https://ubuntubudgie.org/downloads)

My MD5 Hash



The actual ISO download and torrent files are here:


As you can see the md5sum file contains the values shown on the web-page.


I have the same issue. The MD5 hash of the website download does not fit to the hash value published on the website.

Can somebody please check that?

That “could” indicate a very serious security problem. If the hash value on the website is wrong (maybe from an older version) it should be changed to the new hash value.


The published values are the same as calculated on the Canonical download site: