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Md5sums/sha256sums doesn't match


I downloaded the iso file via torrent and I’ve used the method described on linux mint to check the sha256sums and the image below to check both the md5sums and the sha256sums. But both doesn’t match. I’m using Windows 7.

What do I do?? Thanks.


Are you using the official torrent from our downloads page?

I have double checked the md5sum value and the sha256sum value and they dont match the iso values in your screenshot

So I am afraid there has been some sort of corruption which is highly unusual with a torrent.

You will need to redownload again. Can you use another torrent download program? Or another computer?

Hopefully you dont have something nasty on your computer that is injecting itself into the torrent download.

Alternative is to by a DVD or USB from osdisc which has a guaranteed written iso. Link on the download page again.


Note. I myself have had downloads that have failed the hashsums … the same iso downloaded several times gave different results.

I eventually tracked it down to a faulty ram module.

Obscure yes!


Thank you!! I didn’t try to download it again because the first time was direct and the second time using torrent. I didn’t know the md5 could change even when downloading with torrent. Thank you very much!!