Beta 2 ISOs need your help - Urgent

Hi all

Our Beta 2 ISOs have now been released for this CRITICAL milestone.

Please help to test this milestone - everyone should be able to do something to test this for us all.

Download links and tests are in the link above - but a direct download is here also:

Honestly it is simple as 1,2,3

  1. Download the ISO and select the test case from the QA tracker above
  2. Test install the ISO according to the test case
  3. IMPORTANT - Record the results - whether it passes or fails

Below is basically what our friends from the xubuntu community has received - it does apply to Ubuntu Budgie as well - it may seem long but please - please - please read-on.

The ISO Tracker has seen little activity for the last few development cycles. We know we have some excited users already using and testing 18.04. But without testing results being recorded anywhere, we have to assume that nobody is testing the daily images and milestones. And this has major implications for both the 18.04 release and the project as a whole.

From the perspective of the QA team, and with full support from the development team – If we aren’t able to gauge an ISO at any of the milestones (Beta, Final Beta, Release Candidate, and the LTS Point Release), how can we possibly mark those as “Ready for Release”? And why should we?

It is notable that following any of our releases, often within less than a day, we have multiple reports of issues that were NEVER seen on the ISO Tracker. With the current SRU procedure, this means that all users will now have a minimum of 7 days before they can possibly see a fix. With development and testing time, these fixes may take significantly longer or never even make it into the 3-year support release.

Ubuntu Budgie is a community project. That includes all of you. If the community doesn’t care until it’s too late, what should we take from that? In fact, community support is part of the deal every flavor makes with Canonical to enable all of the things that make it possible for the flavor to exist. It’s actually the first bullet point in remaining a recognized flavor:

  • Image has track record of community interested in creating, supporting and promoting its use.

Ready to help? Let’s do this.

It is now time for the community to step up. Test ISOs, test the versions of packages you regularly use, check for any regressions, and record your results!

For those of you who do not believe you can help… you can!

Regression Testing

How hard is it to check for regression? Use the software you use every day. Does it work differently than it used to?

If not, no regression!
If it does, but works better than before, no regression!
Anything else, you’ve found a regression. Report it !

ISO Testing

How hard is it to check an ISO? If you have at 10Gb of disk space available, read on.

If you have sufficient disk space for a 10Gb file, you can probably use a virtual machine to run installation and post-installation tests. We prefer real hardware - but a VM is better than not testing!

If you are able to virtualize but lack the disk space for a full installation, consider using a VM to verify the ISO boots and applications run on the live disk.

If you have physical media available, either a DVD-R (RW to not waste the media on daily tests) or 2+ Gb capacity USB stick, you can boot Ubuntu Budgie from the media and perform installation, post-installation, and live testing.

We hope that you’ll join us in making Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 a success. We think it’s going to be the best release ever, but if the community can’t find the time to contribute to the release, we can’t guarantee we can have one.

thanks all

David (Project Lead)

For people running Beta 1, will we be offer to update to Beta 2 ?
I just accepted some Kernel update from the updater
uname -a
Linux jedi-HP-Compaq-8200-Elite-SFF-PC 4.15.0-14-generic #15-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 2 19:50:19 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Just being up-to-date means that you are at beta 2.

For the testing though we are encouraging everyone to run through the test cases on the ISO tracker and record their results.


I’ll try out x64/x32 in a few VMS. Do we need to test with a minimal install additionally?

sure - as many combinations and real world scenarios to give us the maximum coverage as possibly can be achieved.

Hello! Downloaded today’s 18.04 daily (April 7th) It loaded nicely from my Etcher USB (64 bit) onto my 2010 macbook C2Duo. Couldn’t get past the login/password credentials, even though I had asked to try it without installing it. I’m trying to help :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a password I was unaware of?

Usually when a password is asked it normally means thatch either the iso downloaded is corrupted or the writing to usb hasn’t worked successfully.

Suggest check the md5sum of the iso matches the value published on the download site. Also suggest try writing to a different usb stick.

Gotcha - too late now, but I’ve wiped the USB and rewritten over it - I’ll down load Sunday’s ISO and try again.

So, it worked much better this time, still from the April 7th build (thanks for the tip about the USB) That’s some snappy DE :slight_smile: It loaded in fine from the Etcher installer, I surfed the web briefly with Chromium, typed a quick note from the top bar clipboard, opened a rather large Calc file and looked under the hood with (?) Terminal - I think it was called Tilix?

More importantly, the wifi worked and I was able to load in and out of the installer smoothly. I will install this beta on metal this week, because it looks pretty stable. I assume there’s tutorials of some sort for changing the desktop time applet, and adding/eliminating some of the top bar indicators. You are asking your users to comment back/log bugs, but this seems pretty stable. You’re doing a great job :slight_smile:

I attempted to install the Beta-1 and have just attempted to install this Beta-2 on my 64bit desktop. Both gave me scary error messages which caused me to bail out. I have never had these messages with any of the many versions of Ubuntu (including Ubuntu Budgie) that I have installed in the past.

“Failure to create swap partition” (or words to that effect)
“Failure to resize partition X” (or words to that effect) I didn’t resize anything. I have a backup but a worrying message all the same.

I have three disks (2 SATA, 2 PATA), I ignore the PATA and one of the SATA disks during installation and mount them later. The SATA disk I install to has 3 partitions, “/”, “swap” and “/HOME”. I had only got as far as stating that “/” should be used as Ext4, as “/” and formatted when the errors happened.

I had no such problem on the single disk default configuration on my laptop.

hmm - please raise a bug report against ubiquity - this sounds serious. In you bug report put the above info in - it is definitely relevant and would affect all Ubuntu flavours.

please make sure you tag the bug report with “bionic iso-testing” so that it becomes visible to the devs.

Would that be here?

Is this a new installer for this version of Ubuntu? That might explain why a problem has appeared which I’ve never seen before.

Launch into the live session and run

ubuntu-bug ubiquity

This will open a browser - you’ll then be asked to login to your account. Then it will create the bug report for you and attach all the right logs.

I wasn’t sure what you meant by that, and I can’t run 18.04 (see above :)), so I typed ‘ubuntu-bug ubiquity’ on this machine running 17.10 - it launched some sort of bug-reporting thing, but unsurprisingly stated the version as 17.10 - so I stopped as I thought that would send the wrong message.

Unless you mean boot from the 18.04 disk and “Try” rather than “Install” do you?

absolutely correct :+1:

Thanks, will do…

Done that. It doesn’t ask for any explanation of the problem though. Is there a way to find that report and add the details?