18.04.1 Testing - We need your help

Hi all

Our 18.04.1 ISOs have now been released for this CRITICAL milestone. We have today (24th July) and tomorrow (25th July) to test only. Release day is the 26th July.

Please help to test this milestone - everyone should be able to do something to test this for us all.

Please show that you are testing by just replying to this issue.

Equally important is adding your test results to the QA tracker - it really is easy - but if in doubt - just tell us and we’ll try to help


Download links and tests are in the link above - but a direct download is here also:


Honestly it is simple as 1,2,3

  1. Download the ISO and select the test case from the QA tracker above (step by step guide https://www.tsimonq2.net/blog/2016/04/27/)
  2. Test install the ISO according to the test case
  3. IMPORTANT - Record the results - whether it passes or fails

Below is basically what our friends from the xubuntu community has received - it does apply to Ubuntu Budgie as well - it may seem long but please - please - please read-on.

The ISO Tracker has seen little activity for the last few development cycles. We know we have some excited users already using and testing 18.04. But without testing results being recorded anywhere, we have to assume that nobody is testing the daily images and milestones. And this has major implications for both the 18.04 release and the project as a whole.

From the perspective of the QA team, and with full support from the development team – If we aren’t able to gauge an ISO at any of the milestones (Beta, Final Beta, Release Candidate, and the LTS Point Release), how can we possibly mark those as “Ready for Release”? And why should we?

It is notable that following any of our releases, often within less than a day, we have multiple reports of issues that were NEVER seen on the ISO Tracker. With the current SRU procedure, this means that all users will now have a minimum of 7 days before they can possibly see a fix. With development and testing time, these fixes may take significantly longer or never even make it into the 3-year support release.

Ubuntu Budgie is a community project. That includes all of you. If the community doesn’t care until it’s too late, what should we take from that? In fact, community support is part of the deal every flavor makes with Canonical to enable all of the things that make it possible for the flavor to exist. It’s actually the first bullet point in remaining a recognized flavor:

  • Image has track record of community interested in creating, supporting and promoting its use.

Ready to help? Let’s do this.

It is now time for the community to step up. Test ISOs, test the versions of packages you regularly use, check for any regressions, and record your results!

For those of you who do not believe you can help… you can!

Regression Testing

How hard is it to check for regression? Use the software you use every day. Does it work differently than it used to?

If not, no regression!
If it does, but works better than before, no regression!
Anything else, you’ve found a regression. Report it !

ISO Testing

How hard is it to check an ISO? If you have at 10Gb of disk space available, read on.

If you have sufficient disk space for a 10Gb file, you can probably use a virtual machine to run installation and post-installation tests. We prefer real hardware - but a VM is better than not testing!

If you are able to virtualize but lack the disk space for a full installation, consider using a VM to verify the ISO boots and applications run on the live disk.

If you have physical media available, either a DVD-R (RW to not waste the media on daily tests) or 2+ Gb capacity USB stick, you can boot Ubuntu Budgie from the media and perform installation, post-installation, and live testing.

We hope that you’ll join us in making Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 a success. We think it’s going to be the best release ever, but if the community can’t find the time to contribute to the release, we can’t guarantee we can have one.

thanks all

David (Project Lead)

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Following up on Canonical’s call for testing yesterday, a few bugs have been tackled
and the images have turned off the -proposed repository to build a proper RC image set.

These should have the serial 20180725 for all but Budgie, which had a second build today and is 20180725.1

Please, please, please test these. Get your friends to test. Teach your cat how to operate a USB stick. Images that have no testing can’t be released.

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