Multiple Desktop Distros Possible?

Is it possible to install Cinnamon, etc., alongside Budgie to try the different desktops out? Similar to Launchers in Android OS? I like to explore different launchers on Android and thought it would fun on Ubuntu.

With some precautions and you should expect some glitches in the long run, depending on the number of Desktop Environments you might install.

Least precaution : dedicate one new user / new session per desktop environment and never run many DE under one and only user.

Running many DE under one only user is the straightest path to config’s mismatches between them.

You might have sometimes to reconfigure your session-manager, some DE come with lightdm, other with GDM or SDDM or…

So maybe safer methods to try many OS or DE are :
⋅ multi-boot
⋅ virtualization