Debian Buster install budgie-desktop

Hi there,

I’ve tried to install budgie-desktop on debian buster.

It seemed reasonable to not install a desktop but do it from the base install.

From this link, it all makes sense too.

The one question is, who does one launch into budgie-desktop then?

If I try the ‘budgie-desktop’ from cmd line, it happily reports:
/usr/bin/gnome-session: 16: /usr/bin/gnome-session: gsettings: not found

It could be made easier?

if you are doing a base install you need to understand the additional items required that are not budgie-desktop related.

i.e. what desktop manager do you want to use (slick-greeter?, lightdm-gtk, gdm3?).

I’m sure there are other aspects as well you would need to work through. Again, this is not stuff related to budgie-desktop itself.

Hence this is why distro’s such as Ubuntu Budgie exist - to integrate stuff for you.

yes, exactly, my comments on the link ‘budgie desktop 10.4 released’ is that a useful set of dependencies can be listed before ‘apt-get install budgie-desktop’ - as a caveat to those wanting to try to have control over things which are installed over time.

What I did not want from all these debian desktops are all the libre stuff and ‘wrong’ terminals.

So, I will keep looking. The ethical issue I am dealing with is that I prefer not to use ubuntu despite the convenience, and I really liked ubuntu budgie.

If I make progress I will make some process post.

That’s the point I was making - stuff like your login manager aren’t dependencies. You use whatever you need depending upon your starting point.

Thanks - that will help others out as well.

The easy way is:

Install debian with Cinnamon, for example, apt-get install budgie-desktop, apt-get remove cinnamon-desktop, left with debian 10 and budgie desktop with a few programs (and x11 session).

No desktop proved too time consuming today.