How to get to budgie from console `startx'

Just installed budgie and following the directions from the Internet:

Toward the end of instructions it becomes clear that the author expects his audiance to be folks who boot direct to X, where one then gets choices as to desktop apparently.

However, I boot to console and when I want X I call `startx’
So after installing budgie I did my usual startup but when calling startx expecting to see something related to Budgie, I just entered my normal desktop (lxqt) with no indication how to get to budgie and none of the instructions on web pages above explain how.
I have budgie fully installed, lightdm configured.

How can I get from my existing (lxqt) desktop to budie?

Try running budgie-desktop while in your TTY

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Try running budgie-desktop while in your TTY
Not sure if you mean a terminal like xterm in X or if you mean from the text console before X is started.
Tried both: From an xterm some things do change … like the start menu content but the basic desktop remains as it has been, the start menu becomes a bit less usefull since there no logout' choice ... I had been using logout’ to drop back to console mode.
I see sort of a jumble of mostly not so use full item on stort menu, but there were a good bit of that before installing budgie.

From a console prior to starting X… I see about a 2 second pause and then nothing whatever.
All in all, so far it seem really un-exciting … the basic desktop has not changed… even same picture as wallpaper. Some changes in taskbar and start menu, but not sure if anything is actually useful.
Is this about par for the course or am I missing a great joyful experience?

I meant a console prior to starting X. In that case, not sure. It’s possible Ubuntu (not UB) does not deliver the whole UB experience. In either case, prior to starting the X server, run

sudo apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop ubuntu-budgie-themes

and reboot. Then, try what you tried before again…