New Category for non-budgie talk?

Hi folks,

I’m new to the Budgie scene and I’m really enjoying the environment.

The forum users seem a great bunch. I was wondering if it would be worth creating a new category for ‘non-Budgie’ stuff( for example music, films etc.). I’m sure there are many like-minded individuals who would relish the chance to discuss wider topics.

I appreciate that there is already a ‘general’ category, but many of these topics are Budgie-related. I appreciate that there is the potential for difficulty re ‘acceptable topics/views’, but I think this community has a really positive vibe, and it would be interesting/educational finding out about other forum users passions.

Kind Regards,

This actually already exists. It is called the “Lounge”. It is a category exclusive to members with trust level 3 and higher. Basically by participating in the community builds up the “trust” level. I actually hate that term as to me it has nothing to do with “trust” perse.

EDIT - we had left the “trust level 3” settings at the discourse defaults as the assumption was that it “best practice”.

Thanks for the info, bashfulrobot.