Older Wacom tablet compatability

I know my Wacom CTH-470 works in linux. However, my experience with Ubuntu Mate and Ubuntu Studio is that the actual settings, which you need to use to set the buttons and change how the pen responds, is missing in every DE except Gnome, and frankly, Gnome looks like Ubuntu deliberatly trashed it so it is clunky and ridiculous. So, Does Budgie expose the Wacom setting for actual use, and if no, how can that be made to happen. I have not installed Budgie yet because if it doesn’t have the Wacom settings available, I have no desire to try it out.

Hi and welcome.

I dont see any reason why it wouldn’t work. The quickest way to check is to boot into a live iso session and check all is well.

It works. As I said. I can use it just fine in several variants of Ubuntu and in several DEs, with several apps. What I can’t do is get to the Wacom settings in any DE settings application except for the stripped down and partially crippled Gnome DE. There, the settings exist and work fine. So, the one DE I find utterly unusable is the only DE that allows me to chance the default tablet or pen settings.

I presume you are talking about using the GNOME Settings app (GNOME Control Center) ?

That is also part of Budgie - so you’ll set stuff up in the same way.

If thats the case, then I believe you are right. I have installed different flavors of Ubuntu more times than I can count this week and am tired of no good results! After I finish this little 78GB download and copy it onto my microsd card, I’ll make an installer USB drive with Budgie and give it a try. Thanks. I’ll report back after its installed so others can see how to solve this.

Yup, youre right. In Budgie, I get the Gnome Command Center, which has the Wacom Tablet category, AND a nice functional Gnome DE! I’m gonna settle on Budgie since it ticks all my anti-Windows 10 and pro-“its my damn computer and i’ll do what I want!!!” boxes :slight_smile: