Overall polished experience

Was just reading https://blog.elementary.io/introducing-elementary-os-5-1-hera/. I honestly am not an Elementary fan, but the new stuff is great!

Source code:

I’ll try compiling them.

Got Sideload to compile:

Onboarding fails and throws errors, tell me if you get it to compile :slight_smile:
It installs successfully, says “Software” instead of “AppCenter”, and just plain works. It also shows in the Open With menu, and becomes a default. Haven’t found any bugs, @fossfreedom pls test and consider for inclusion in 20.04’s release

Nothing there that interests me particularly.

Remember elementary appcenter is their paid for software center. side-load is basically (from a concept POV) the gnome flatpak plugin. Welcome … well that’s nice that more distros are catching up with how ourselves and Ubuntu Mate have been doing stuff for quite a while.

There isnt any reason why a plugin for gnome-software couldnt be written to deliver budgie-applets - so if someone is interested that is a very nice self contained project.

lock and login screen - already a topic - again if someone is interested - self contained project to plough through.

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Well yeah. Sideload is a useful feature for us to have.
Elementary has been having Welcome for a while too! It’s just that it actually includes a setup wizard post-installation with the following features being a fraction of what’s included:

  • Ability to manage users (make a new password, new user, etc)
  • Toggle features like Night Light
  • connect to WiFi.
  • Set up Bluetooth
  • other features
  • Finally, launch Welcome

All within the wizard.

No - we - like the rest of the ubuntu family support snaps out of the box. Having both flatpaks and snaps will confuse users since they cover similar grounds. If users wish to have flatpaks then they can install the plugin and (like sideload) will then appear in gnome-software.

thanks for clarifying. There is no bandwidth available for 20.04 to look at this. It will require a new committed developer to evaluate and integrate.

Ok, thanks. i am willing to be that dev.
Also please check out my minor issue, Fix pointer arrow in Installer icon