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Flapak apps on Welcome screen is misleading


Selecting flatpak apps from Budgie Welcome is misleading.
You get the impression that the apps will be automatically installed but such is not the case.
Upon fresh install of Ubuntu Budgie, flatpak apps was selected from dropdown at welcome screen. But in order install HydraPaper for example, had to follow the instructions offered below
in other words, clicking “install” for that app was insufficient and involved a tedious process (especially for a newcomer!) which also includes a reboot.


yep - this is a known issue. We were hoping that the debian package for flatpacks for 18.04 would include the fix to add the flathub repo automatically. It obviously didn’t make it into 18.04.

So we’ll have to dream up a method to some-how add the flathub repo after installation - or automatically after a reboot.

Not sure how - but would welcome any help here to resolve.


Could we maybe do something from welcome? If I remember correctly, do we not have a section to enable flat packs? Maybe when enabling we could add the repository from there. I’m not sure if this is the best way to architect it, but it is just an idea.