Pop!_OS Upgrade

So, on my one UB box, I was getting upgrade notifications for Pop!_OS 19.10. I don’t get these (or the option for them) on my other UB box. I have no idea what I did for this to happen. I don’t want to upgrade or change to Pop_OS!, so I’ve disabled the notifications, but the option to download the upgrade and to receive notifications is still available in Settings > Details > About.

What gives?

Guess you must have added the popos ppa.

Look at your software settings and find the ppa name. Purge the ppa via

sudo ppa-purge ppa:theppaname/thereponame

Sure enough, there it is!

I wonder what I could have installed from that repo. I’m going to look at my installed apps.

Well, this is interesting. In the short time I’ve been looking, I can’t figure out what app I might have installed from System76, however, it looks like the kernel has been updating from that ppa. Is it still safe to purge?

Should be. The purge will remove what was installed and/downgrade as appropriate.