Qbittorrent and/or transmission cannot access mounted hdd in /mnt

hi all, I have an auto-mounted secondary hdd on /mnt and the error says
could not read contents of torrents
Error opening directory ‘/mnt/de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56/PERSONAL/myuser/download’

I do have read/write permissions since ‘de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56’ so, I assume the problems is on mnt directory permission, but I don’t want to change it if possible

I also changed the group permission to mnt directory to mine, but unsuccessfully

any suggestions ?

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namei -l /mnt/de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56/PERSONAL/myuser/download
This will show the permissions of each element of the path.
There should be at least r-x for others the whole way, and rwx for owner user at least on the last step, download folder.

What is the file system of de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56 ?

Any chance your Qbittorrent or transmission are snap packages ?

mcrose@home:~$ namei -l /mnt/de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56/PERSONAL/myuser/download
f: /mnt/de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56/PERSONAL/myuser/download
drwxr-xr-x root   root   /
drwxr-xr-x root   root   mnt
drwxrwx--- mcrose family de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56
drwxrwx--- mcrose family PERSONAL
drwxrwx--- mcrose mcrose myuser
drwxrwx--- mcrose mcrose download

Ext4 (version 1.0) — Montado en /mnt/de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56

transmission is pre-installed
for qbittrorrent I used “software” / lookup / install / run =D

Seems legit, permissions side.

User mcrose should be able to read and write all the way down to download.

Are you able to create files or folders inside download from your file explorer or any other app’ ?

ls -la /mnt/de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56/PERSONAL/mcrose/download
to see if it’s not a permission issue on the files themselves ?
snap list
to be sure - software store has got the very bad tricky habit to show snap package first.

yep, I can do anything on that folder

mcrose@home:~$ ls -la /mnt/de4b53dc-d8be-4db6-9448-ce92d7ac5b56/PERSONAL/mcrose/download
total 24
drwxrwxr-x  6 mcrose mcrose 4096 jun 27 15:21 .
drwxrwx--- 11 mcrose mcrose 4096 jun 27 19:19 ..
drwxrwxr-x  2 mcrose mcrose 4096 jun 27 15:38 auto
drwxrwxr-x  2 mcrose mcrose 4096 jun 27 15:21 files
drwxrwxr-x  2 mcrose mcrose 4096 jun 27 15:08 finished
drwxrwxr-x  2 mcrose mcrose 4096 jun 27 15:10 tmp

mcrose@home:~$ snap list
Nombre                 Versión          Rev   Seguimiento      Editor            Notas
canonical-livepatch    9.5.5            95    latest/stable    canonical✓        -
core                   16-2.45.1        9436  latest/stable    canonical✓        core
core18                 20200427         1754  latest/stable    canonical✓        base
gtk-common-themes      0.1-36-gc75f853  1506  latest/stable    canonical✓        -
netbeans               12.0             30    latest/stable    apache-netbeans✓  classic
qbittorrent-arnatious  0.2              30    latest/stable    arnatious         -
snapd                  2.45.1           8140  latest/stable    canonical✓        snapd
ubuntu-budgie-welcome  0.12.6           209   latest/stable/…  ubuntubudgie      classic
vlc                    3.0.11           1700  latest/stable    videolan✓         -

So this one is a snap.
Did you grant it the right permissions to access that partition ?
To do so, open software, look for your installed app’s and find qbittorrent.
At the top of its page you should see a « pemissions » button. Click. Grant access to removable-media and anything else you think useful.

You should do the same with vlc and maybe netbeans.
See https://snapcraft.io/docs/removable-media-interface

Do you have the same problem with transmission ?

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great!! it works

vlc was already set
netbeans doesn’t need, there is no permission button …by now

thanks so much

Cool !

( And once again @bashfulrobot somebody installed a snap without noticing it and ended up with an app that does not work as expected… )