Rclone and file-roller problems

File-roller used to play up on my other Linux systems when there was a lot of files, and its doing it again so I submitted a bug report.
Typically I can use bash to ARC files, but Roller crashes on a large collection, but works using RAR.

Now I notice that rclone is also playing up with large files over 1Gb my web disks like Mega Dropbox and so on are not receiving the files giving a Error closing file: Input/output error
Which reminds me that several backup files from PC to external USB have been flakey too.
Can live with it, but annoying.

Are you sure it’s the tools?

Is it the first sign of hard disk problems? Wear and tear etc .

No, new laptop; ssd. Also I have just checked with a live distro MX-Linux and it cant compress ARJ either. Works small number of files OK; different PC too.

Under users, there is one, me, but I cant see any settings for admin permissions anywhere?
Im seeing cache permissions issues not just with arj file-roller but with synaptic as well after install shows cache error.

This is actually more complex issue than first thought. It is not specific to this distro.
ARJ using any GUI does not work with large number of files or large size files; it does work with bash though which suggests there may be some problems with the shell.
However, Im also getting many problems using rsync, USB drives file copying to local or remote.
For example even with swap disabled, my write to USB completes, but activity remains for a minute or so; clearly there is some caching going on.
This would seem to indicate there is a fs error caused by cache so I disabled swaps (swapoff) but no change. After extensive google searches on this matter, still without any logical answer to why the fast system Im using is having so many problems. Repeat; its not Budgie specific.

does switching off the cache help?

(I have my doubts - caching is there to smooth out read/write issues)

Sorry I should have mentioned have tried that.

my write to USB completes, but activity remains for a minute or so
I’m afraid it’s not really a new issue. Graphical front-ends / DE shells for files operations sometimes show « everything’s fine and done » although the system is still actually writing onto removable-media or archive.

Hence @fossfreedom’s suggestions about caching. I guess the graphical front-end or shell for file operation is sync’ed with the « first level » operation and not with the « caching » operation. For light / small files it’s not a problem, for bigger ones the lag between those two levels of file operation becomes visible ( big question mark here → ? )

many problems using rsync, USB drives file copying to local or remote.
Meaningless to say but source and destination for file operations should always be accessible to each other during the whole time of operations. I don’t know what kind of « remote » you refer to, but ensure everything’s always there / on / connected / online, both sides.

I cant see any settings for admin permissions anywhere
Permissions and rights issues may also lead to I/O errors in some case.
It’s also related to the filesystems in use in your setup, betweens source and destinations.
Maybe some adjustments needed regarding who’s doing what, owners, writing rights ?

Today I get an error from Synaptic:
W: Download is performed unsandboxed as root as file ‘/root/.synaptic/tmp//tmp_sh’ couldn’t be accessed by user ‘_apt’. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permission denied)
Checking /root out its got a X and permissions are all for root.
So since Im logging in to Synaptic a admin, then why the permissions problem?
Google has lots of answers about how /root permissions should be set but none specifically state which is the correct method to ensure the permissions are set in such a way that these lockouts do not occur. Its beyond me - anyone know more about this matter clearly you cant change /root into a lower class of permissions just because its not working that would compromise your system.
Thanks, Al.

W is a warning - not an error.

Are you seeing this when launching from the menu - or if you are running from command line?

If the latter I would ignore it - its a warning and probably a minor bug - unless its causing you a specific issue preventing you doing stuff.

Launched Synaptic from menu. Its just that I seem to be having some weird things going on.
EG not only Synaptic and other things mentioned in this thread, but today I found that the same version of Skrooge was not functioning properly on my laptop but on my desktop it was; both use Budgie.
Regardless warning or error, the permissions is not working for Synaptic.

I just did this:
alistair@alsE590:~$ sudo chown -R alistair:alistair ~/.cache
then reopened synaptic and did the same function that caused a warning this time it gave no warning.
Cheers, Alistair

you aren’t alone - appears to be a long standing issue of many years https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synaptic/+bug/1522675

Thanks Foss; always appreciate your feedback. Al.