Shade of Z icon theme - Now supports Budgie DE


Shade of Z icon theme now with Budgie support.


Shade of Z icon version 4.1 is out!
Now with Budgie support.
Get it here: Shade of Z -

gif ↑ right-click, open in new tab for bigger picture

Some areas to look after :
⋅ height of horizontal panel,
⋅ applets like pixel-saver, workspace-switcher, icon tasks list
⋅ start-here icon
⋅ shadow for rounded corners in Firefox
⋅ transparency without blur underneath ( not your fault ) makes things unreadable.

Thanks for the input. The GTK theme of Shade of Z have been more or less abandoned - as Gnome breaks every theme with each release, so I have put that project aside and concentrate on icon theming.