Starting Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


I’m sending this message from my laptop with Windows 10 because my desktop with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is not starting up !!!

Get only a report from Blancco (?) with the description of a HP desktop, unknown to me.

Probably I made a mistake with the starting sequence in the UEFI.

What can I do to solve this ?

How can I get into the UEFI when the PC is not starting up?

Many thanks in advance for your reply.

Best regards…

first of all … welcome on board!

Then … answering your question is not so easy, infos you gave aren’t so clear; anyway, you can try reinstalling Ubuntu (Budgie, I suppose :slightly_smiling_face: ) paying attention on where grub is installed (being a laptop I can imagine you have just one hd, so /dev/sda should be the right choice).

Then, if you’re running win 10, I think that you must (?) disable secure boot from bios; for accessing bios you must hit some key before os starts: depending on your pc it could be F8, F12, Del, F2, … but your pc will tell you what you must do in its very first screen (something like “hit F12 to go in bios management” or “hit F8 to change boot order” …).
Please, before you do anything, be careful and backup your data on windows: in the worst case you’d risk to loose data and windows! (but it isn’t so easy to lose everything).

Let us know your progress.



Thanks for your reply.

In the mean time I had a discussion with the man who assembled this desktop and he will take it with him and try to solve the problem. He is really a good computer technician.So I hope …

Best regards.