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Stopwatch - Chronometer


I need a chronometer applet ( not only a countdown tool as the one we already have, that is cool…

Need to be able to time “things” and if it was an applet showing in one of my panel it would be more useful that a separate apps’s window.

Anything available I could use ?

TKs !


Interesting idea - haven’t seen a specific stopwatch applet from any third-party dev. Might be an interesting little applet for someone to wet their appetite writing budgie applets!

Haven’t tried these - but in the repos there is “alarm-clock-applet” which has appindicator support so it should (in theory) appear in the panel if you have the appindicator applet added to your panel. EDIT: from the changelog looks like they have dropped appindicator support so it runs as a standalone app

sudo apt install alarm-clock-applet

There is also a standalone app appropriately called “stopwatch”

sudo apt install stopwatch


even older but still in the repos is gtimer - something like stopwatch from the picture I saw.

sudo apt install gtimer


Tks !!!
WIll make a try of what you said