Testing 22.04 - Are you brave enough?

this is how we define tilix as the default terminal app


Also - since the default is nemo we set:


I notice that the battery applet(??) is not being updated. Since tlp-stat shows the correct amounts I assume its the applet?

Here it is working just fine.

The applet simply uses the values provided by upower-glib (the upower source package) to get its results.

So its in this area that is the issue.

budgie-control-center is now in the archive i.e.

sudo apt install budgie-control-center

This will be the replacement for gnome-control-center - it focuses now on capabilities that budgie supports.

Please do help testing this. In the next week or so it will become the default in the dailies but you can safely install on 22.04 now. You will see “Budgie Control Center” in the menu.

Sorry I’ve lost track: is 22.04 going to include the new Budgie 10.6 from upstream?

Everyone … budgie desktop v10.6 and budgie control center are now officially in the release archive.

Likewise all our budgie-extras applets are at v1.4

These are close to the final release … so please do some careful testing. Tomorrows daily will have all of these in a single ISO … or just update as normal.

Lets make this LTS release really :+1:

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System: Ubuntu 22.04 Raspberry Pi 4B with Budgie interface!

No lock screen, standby or hibernation can be activated with Budgie interface. After switching to the Ubuntu interface, all 3 work.

22.04 is running with current updates - status 2022.03.16!

Do you have both gnome-shell and budgie installed at the same time? Also what is your login manager - gdm3?

The login screen is the standard Ubuntu login-screen and not the Budgie login screen. When I click on the username, I can select whether I want Budgie or Ubuntu on the gear wheel.

Known issue since 21.10. The TL;DR; only use GNOME login screen with gnome-shell. And gnome-shell breaks budgie so dont have both installed at the same time.

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I’m looking at renewing my daily testing .ISO but it’s the same since March 12th. Today is the 17th. Is that right? holy cow it still looks super awesome. Nothing breaks yet, but let me try :slight_smile:

Todays build is the first where Canonical have removed firefox deb - it is now a snap.

Canonical has also received permission to put the automatic theming changes into snaps. Hopefully this will land before the beta freeze.

My wife uses FF on her laptop and will not enjoy the wait at startup. So, I will use Method 4 described at

… also one of the reasons why the deb firefox-esr package has been made available via budgie-welcome - getting started - browser ballot.

Will the deb automatically update with new versions or will is freeze at the level that is installed?

the esr ppa is maintained by Canonical - I see its kept up-to-date pretty fast when Mozilla releases an ESR update.

Different topic. I notice that the libfuse2 is not installed by default. It is required if you run an AppImage program – an oversight or intentional?

appimages isn’t an area I am familiar with.

As I understand it, an AppImage file is a full executable for linux that includes all the libraries, etc. For example, I use the Standard Notes application that is an AppImage file that once downloaded can execute. On 20.04 do a man fuse