Testing 22.04 - Are you brave enough?

This topic is intended to capture early testing of 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). Note for 22.04 planning please use this thread

22.04 Schedule

  • Oct - Feb - development
  • Feb 24th - Feature freeze
  • Mar 28th - Beta Testing
  • Apr 14th - Release Candidate
  • Apr 21st - Final Release

If you have spare hardware (or a virtual machine or two) and don’t mind regularly reinstalling when (and I mean WHEN) 22.04 eats your installation then feel free to give your feedback here. Early testing will improve the final release

Please use http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/ for testing ISOs (just click the relevant links and there’s guides as you navigate the site)

Packages and hardware are meant to be tested also using QA trackers: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/Tester

As the above page shows, probably the best way to get stuck in with testing is run Ubuntu 22.04 (either download or upgrade from 21.10 with update-manager -d ) as often as possible for usual tasks (bearing in mind that one’s productivity and data may be hampered by bugs on 22.04!) and reporting bugs with ubuntu-bug and ubuntu-bug package-name as you go.

Alternatively, there is always a huge backlog of bugs that need to be triaged (i.e., progressed towards being fixed), head to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad for a guide on getting started with that!

Use this query to see if your testing issue has been highlighted by others first before reporting.

This first post will be updated with the latest important info - so you don’t need to trawl through the posts. Remember - everything listed below is subject to change/removal and should not be used as indicative with the beta & later release.

Please do check regularly the default apps to see if you there are any weird and not-so-wonderful theming issues

Applets and mini-apps

For Ubuntu Budgie applets these can be tested via our daily PPA for 20.04/21.10 & 22.04:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily && sudo apt upgrade

  1. Lots of updated translations from our brilliant translators Log in · Transifex
  2. Latest version of budgie-calendar-applet (also backported to 22.04/21.10)
  3. budgie-indicator-applet has now swapped to support ayatana-indicators. This is the new upstream of the original ubuntu indicators.
  4. ayatana-indicator-applet can be installed - this integrates with Evolution & Thunderbird (with the evolution plugin) to display appointments and calendar events
  5. ayatana-webmail can be installed - this displays notifications in plank when an email is received.
  6. budgie-applications-menu-applet: This has the following enhancements from upstream
  • app context menu available when right click from search results
  • Reads the PrefersNonDefaultGPU setting from .desktop files and uses that to automatically configure default or non-default GPU
  • Adds a new context menu to support choosing the other GPU (integrated if PrefersNonDefaultGPU is set to true, discrete if key not present or its set to false)
  • Categories have been slimmed down - less apps should default to the “Other” category

Budgie Desktop

  1. TBD

Raspberry Pi

  1. TBD


  1. GTK+4 compatible version of Arc Theme available in Makeovers
  2. Latest version of WhiteSur icon theme available in Makeovers - backported to 20.04/21.10
  3. Latest version of WhiteSur GTK theme available in Makeovers - backported to 20.04/21.10
  4. Pocillo Gtk Theme has the following fixes
  • Displays correctly the keyboard indicator applet for the dark-theme when CAPS/NUM lock is active.
  1. QogirBudgie Gtk Theme has been refreshed from upstream
  2. Pocillo icon theme has been refreshed from upstream tela-icon and qogir icon sources

Budgie Welcome

Our welcome app is automatically updated for all 20.04 & 22.10 users

  1. Lots of updated translations from our brilliant translators Log in · Transifex
  2. Welcome snap updated to install 22.04 budgie-extras etc.
  3. Welcome snap includes a snapshot of the community developed gaming page. Please do get involved to shape this Community project: Ubuntu Budgie Gaming
  4. MS Edge web-browser now available to be installed in the browser ballot (Getting Started)


  1. We have uploaded the latest v0.8.4 version of Drawing into the repos.

Areas to look out for

  1. Note - from 22.04 Canonical will be enforcing all flavours swap to using the snap version of Firefox. We do encourage all 20.04/21.10 & 22.04 users to start using the snap version now and feedback your finding back to Canonical so that 22.04 will be as problem free as possible. Don’t forget you can Pocillo & QogirBudgie theme all compatible snaps as well.
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Budgie 22.04 installed in a VM. Everything is ok for the moment but of course, too early to test the updates .
ayatana -indicator-applet is very easy to install now.

We still need to run “/ usr / libexec / ayatana-indicator-datetime / ayatana-indicator-datetime-service” at startup. It would be great if the applet installation included this automatic start.

For ayatana-webmail there remains an annoying bug. It is not possible to revert to the setting once it is done.
There is an easy fix that works perfectly:

22.04 will be great !!

yep - my understanding is that the ayatana team will be releasing version 0.90 very very soon - so that will make its way into 22.04 at that point - that will have the startup fix that I submitted and got merged … and hopefully the webmail issue you linked to.

oo – I AM brave enough! HP intel i5-7300, 16 GB ram, intel hd something something.
I’ll use the PPA to get the UB apps in place and start testing testing, watching for the break point :slight_smile:

What is the current kernel at this point on Jammy? 5.13.x, or jumped to 5.15/x with Pop_OS?

At this moment 5.13 is the default. I wouldn’t expect a new linux version until very much later in the cycle, probably when 5.16 is released in feb/March.

I am also aware of this install issue … the ubuntu devs need to sort out the sequencing of package uploads

For those having issues installing via the 22.04 daily iso, you can upgrade from a 21.10 install

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt autoremove
update-manager -d

Quick plea for testers - there are frequent updates to apps.

Please do check the default apps that come with UB - we need to know if and when any default app suddenly doesn’t theme correctly because they have now converted to libadwaita. If this happens we need to substitute that app with a good non-gnome equivalent.


Hardware Raspberry Pi 4, 8 GB. OS installed on microSD-card (Samsung 512 GB green).
Have installed Budgie 22.04 over 21.10.1 Budgie (connected to propose-Channel-Update!).

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt autoremove
sudo update-manager -d

Update runs and ends fine!
After reboot no WLAN no LAN. So i remember: Boot is good and helps, so no panic is necessary.
No issues, no problems after second reboot. All runs fine.
Check Firefox → OK
Check Thunderbird → OK
Check TV-Browser → OK (free TV-Program)
Check Printing and scanning over WLAN (HP Laser MFP 135wg) → OK
Check Bluetooth Loudspeaker → OK
Check any installed Programs → OK ( all configuration are fine and came from 21.10.1)
Check Video → OK Audio and Video synchronous
Check WLAN speed → 21.10.1 Download speed ~30Mbit vs. 22.04 Download speed 46Mbit. I am amused!

Good work and so thanks to Ubuntu Budgie Team. You are on a good way!

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