Testing 22.04 - Are you brave enough?


Budgie 22.04 installed in a VM. Everything is ok for the moment but of course, too early to test the updates .
ayatana -indicator-applet is very easy to install now.

We still need to run “/ usr / libexec / ayatana-indicator-datetime / ayatana-indicator-datetime-service” at startup. It would be great if the applet installation included this automatic start.

For ayatana-webmail there remains an annoying bug. It is not possible to revert to the setting once it is done.
There is an easy fix that works perfectly:

22.04 will be great !!

yep - my understanding is that the ayatana team will be releasing version 0.90 very very soon - so that will make its way into 22.04 at that point - that will have the startup fix that I submitted and got merged … and hopefully the webmail issue you linked to.

oo – I AM brave enough! HP intel i5-7300, 16 GB ram, intel hd something something.
I’ll use the PPA to get the UB apps in place and start testing testing, watching for the break point :slight_smile:

What is the current kernel at this point on Jammy? 5.13.x, or jumped to 5.15/x with Pop_OS?

At this moment 5.13 is the default. I wouldn’t expect a new linux version until very much later in the cycle, probably when 5.16 is released in feb/March.

I am also aware of this install issue … the ubuntu devs need to sort out the sequencing of package uploads

For those having issues installing via the 22.04 daily iso, you can upgrade from a 21.10 install

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt autoremove
update-manager -d

Quick plea for testers - there are frequent updates to apps.

Please do check the default apps that come with UB - we need to know if and when any default app suddenly doesn’t theme correctly because they have now converted to libadwaita. If this happens we need to substitute that app with a good non-gnome equivalent.


Hardware Raspberry Pi 4, 8 GB. OS installed on microSD-card (Samsung 512 GB green).
Have installed Budgie 22.04 over 21.10.1 Budgie (connected to propose-Channel-Update!).

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt autoremove
sudo update-manager -d

Update runs and ends fine!
After reboot no WLAN no LAN. So i remember: Boot is good and helps, so no panic is necessary.
No issues, no problems after second reboot. All runs fine.
Check Firefox → OK
Check Thunderbird → OK
Check TV-Browser → OK (free TV-Program)
Check Printing and scanning over WLAN (HP Laser MFP 135wg) → OK
Check Bluetooth Loudspeaker → OK
Check any installed Programs → OK ( all configuration are fine and came from 21.10.1)
Check Video → OK Audio and Video synchronous
Check WLAN speed → 21.10.1 Download speed ~30Mbit vs. 22.04 Download speed 46Mbit. I am amused!

Good work and so thanks to Ubuntu Budgie Team. You are on a good way!

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Check Raven Calendar → OK (Google-Account. All dates are complete and synchrony with Google-Calendar. Enter date in calendar and delete it is possible and synchronize with Google is OK)

Our default layout has changed slightly.

The icons in the panel now have additional spacing to ensure we no longer have a cramped look-and-feel.

The appindicator applet is now at the beginning of the right ride block of icons.

To see this if you are upgrading you will need to reset your panel nohup budgie-panel --reset --replace &

Ubuntu Budgie 21.10.1 source and upgrade to 22.04!
This Tuning trick from budgie-remix - Browse /budgie-raspi-21.10.1 at SourceForge.net
you have to removed. With 22.04 some issue occurs.

Don’t do this with 22.04!
Let’s edit our fstab first and add the lines below.

nano /etc/fstab

Add the 3 lines at the end.

tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,nosuid,size=500m 0 0
tmpfs /var/tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,nosuid,size=500m 0 0
tmpfs /var/log tmpfs defaults,noatime,nosuid,mode=0755,size=500m 0 0
sudo nano /etc/preload.conf

These are the lines you can modify

minsize 100000
mapprefix = !/var/log;!/dev;!/var/tmp;!/tmp;/
exeprefix = !/var/log;!/dev;!/var/tmp;!/tmp;/
autosave = 360
sortstrategy = 0

Fix it with: Delete the 3 lines in fstab!
Remove preload from system. Delete preload.conf in /etc

What issues are you encountering when applying the instructions with 22.04?

During reboot, some error-messages are recognized. e.g. can’t close var/tmp.
Reboot-time is longer than normal.

I know there is some changes required in this area due to Debian changes that has been accidently merged by Canonical. The fixes apparently will be in the next week or two - so best keep an eye on this - hopefully should be resolved soonish.

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Fresh install of latest daily iso on a new VM, regular install (no lvm, no encryption, no zfs). All worked fine, no errors during install.
Using the desktop works well, Indicators look good, I tried installing software, editing documents and browsing the internet, so far no problems or bugs are popping up.

The only annoying thing so far, especially on a VM where resolution changes automatically when resizing VM window size, Plank is unable to find its place. But this is not an issue of 22.04.

After the latest updates from last week, app features are no longer displayed in the top bar. Psensor should display CPU temperature, CPU utilization, memory utilization. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore.

What are you using to display various psensor results in the panel? a budgie applet? if so which one?

BTW - what kernel are you running? uname -a Is it the new 5.15 kernel in the proposed repo?

uname -a
Linux rw-rpi0 5.13.0-1011-raspi #13-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 19 18:40:23 UTC 2021 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Had tried an update (Proposed repo is activated) but there isn’t a new kernel shown.

The App Psensor comes from Ubuntu Software. This App creates this applet by himselfes.

robert@rw-rpi0:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily && sudo apt upgrade
[sudo] Passwort für robert:
Repository: »deb Index of /ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu jammy main«
test daily builds of Git budgie-extras - master branch
Weitere Informationen: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntubudgie-dev/+archive/ubuntu/budgie-extras-daily
Füge Repository hinzu.
Zum Fortsetzen [ENTER] drücken oder Strg-c zum Abbrechen.
Adding deb entry to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily-jammy.list
Found existing deb-src entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily-jammy.list
Adding disabled deb-src entry to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily-jammy.list
Adding key to /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily.gpg with fingerprint 9A31450255A9A7E43DEB5ECBBCD74C7139A912F9
Holen:1 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy InRelease [270 kB]
Ign:2 Index of /ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu jammy InRelease
OK:3 Index of /ubuntu jammy InRelease
Fehl:4 Index of /ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu jammy Release
404 Not Found [IP: 2001:67c:1560:8008::19 80]
OK:5 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-updates InRelease
OK:6 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-backports InRelease
OK:7 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-security InRelease
Holen:8 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-proposed InRelease [121 kB]
Holen:9 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-proposed/main arm64 Packages [235 kB]
Holen:10 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-proposed/main Translation-en [81,3 kB]
Paketlisten werden gelesen… Fertig
E: Das Depot »Index of /ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu jammy Release« enthält keine Release-Datei.
N: Eine Aktualisierung von solch einem Depot kann nicht auf eine sichere Art durchgeführt werden, daher ist es standardmäßig deaktiviert.
N: Weitere Details zur Erzeugung von Paketdepots sowie zu deren Benutzerkonfiguration finden Sie in der Handbuchseite apt-secure(8).
Paketlisten werden gelesen… Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut… Fertig
Statusinformationen werden eingelesen… Fertig
Paketaktualisierung (Upgrade) wird berechnet… Fertig
Die folgenden Pakete sind zurückgehalten worden:
0 aktualisiert, 0 neu installiert, 0 zu entfernen und 1 nicht aktualisiert.

Can’t install the Screenshot applet. It may be due to the broken libcrypt-dev library?
Get this error

quite a few of the backport applets need to be built for jammy.

Will probably do that over xmas

For the moment just change the sources for the backports PPA to point to impish

I’ve fixed this - you should now get the daily builds for budgie-extras

For you psensors observation I note that the version of psensors in both Debian and Ubuntu is relatively old compared to the maintainers git repo.

Slightly stranger - the maintainer in Debian is actually the git repo owner - so I have no idea why they have not updated the package in Debian - without an update in Debian - there is unlikely to be a new version in Ubuntu since Ubuntu syncs from Debian for these Universe packages.

Worth a question probably on their repo - Issues · Jean-Philippe Orsini / psensor · GitLab

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