Testing 22.04 - Are you brave enough?

I’ve fixed this - you should now get the daily builds for budgie-extras

For you psensors observation I note that the version of psensors in both Debian and Ubuntu is relatively old compared to the maintainers git repo.

Slightly stranger - the maintainer in Debian is actually the git repo owner - so I have no idea why they have not updated the package in Debian - without an update in Debian - there is unlikely to be a new version in Ubuntu since Ubuntu syncs from Debian for these Universe packages.

Worth a question probably on their repo - Issues · Jean-Philippe Orsini / psensor · GitLab

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Fine and thanks, now updates coming in. But 5.15 isn’t seen this time.

robert@rw-rpi0:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily && sudo apt upgrade
[sudo] Passwort für robert:
Repository: »deb Index of /ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu jammy main«
test daily builds of Git budgie-extras - master branch
Weitere Informationen: Budgie Extras Daily : “Ubuntu Budgie Developers” team
Füge Repository hinzu.
Zum Fortsetzen [ENTER] drücken oder Strg-c zum Abbrechen.
Found existing deb entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily-jammy.list
Adding deb entry to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily-jammy.list
Found existing deb-src entry in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily-jammy.list
Adding disabled deb-src entry to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily-jammy.list
Adding key to /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ubuntubudgie-dev-ubuntu-budgie-extras-daily.gpg with fingerprint 9A31450255A9A7E43DEB5ECBBCD74C7139A912F9
OK:1 Index of /ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-extras-daily/ubuntu jammy InRelease
OK:2 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy InRelease
OK:3 Index of /ubuntu jammy InRelease
OK:4 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-updates InRelease
OK:5 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-backports InRelease
OK:6 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-security InRelease
OK:7 Index of /ubuntu-ports jammy-proposed InRelease
Paketlisten werden gelesen… Fertig
Paketlisten werden gelesen… Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut… Fertig
Statusinformationen werden eingelesen… Fertig
Paketaktualisierung (Upgrade) wird berechnet… Fertig
Die folgenden Pakete sind zurückgehalten worden:
0 aktualisiert, 0 neu installiert, 0 zu entfernen und 1 nicht aktualisiert.

Linux rw-rpi0 5.13.0-1011-raspi #13-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 19 18:40:23 UTC 2021 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

yep - Canonical havent yet created a 5.15 raspi proposed kernel.


I’m confused:
Ubuntu list: linux-buildinfo-5.13.0-1008-raspi: Linux kernel buildinfo for version 5.13.0 on ARM (hard float) SMP

I have: 5.13.0-1011-raspi #13-Ubuntu SMP (Raspberry Pi 4B with 22.04)

A big difference I think,

I suspect you upgraded from impish - so the 1011 is the impish kernel - it will not have been overwritten by the older jammy 1008 kernel.

Yes, that will be the reason. Can I upgrade to the core of Ubuntu Raspi 1008? Maybe some bugs come from the new but wrong kernel. But the new Kernel from impish solves some issue that occurs with 1008!

I wouldn’t rollback since that older kernel has the original freezing issues in impish - and jammy carries that same version.

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Yes, I remember. Have edit above realtime. :wink:

My first try in virtual box is up and running. The only thing I noticed is I had to select try Ubuntu before starting the installer otherwise the installer wouldn’t allow proceeding to the next step. This could just be normal for a v-box installation.

I have quite some variety of environments available (VMware, VirtualBox, native installs, Raspi) and I’m willing to spend time in testing. However, since I can’t use all of those "just for my day to day tasks, I was wondering, if there is some structured approach to testing, such as a list of areas (maybe even risk areas) that can be focus-tested and checked off.

From a structured POV Ubuntu 21.04 Testing Week - Alan Pope's blog

Basically all flavours and the various combinations of installs is key - side by side (dual boot)/partition/upgrades/zfs etc etc.

From our narrow POV we obviously would like folks to concentrate on day-to-day usage of the preinstalled apps, budgie deskotp and budgie extras applets (using the daily PPA) to identify areas we should concentrate on. Crashes (with info how to reproduce) obviously annoy most folk - so those are high priority targets

Tested Ubuntu 22.04 on Rasp Pi 4B. Fresh installation. Freeze during update from propose-Channel.
I change kms to fkms in config.txt boot-partition to fix it temporarily.
Why Ubuntu don’t change it in the source himself. A new user can’t know the temporary fix!
Update finish after manually help. But there are some more reason to freeze the system.

Try to install Gimp and Foliate. Installation finish, but both Apps don’t start (foliate starts but no E-Book is shown). Wrong source since 20.04, and it is a pain! Seams, these Apps aren’t for Raspberry Pi!
Why the Archive isn’t in good condition since years?

All. Nemo 5.0.5 had now entered the Release pocket - just update as normal.

What I am interested in is your thoughts about nemo new content search ability. Is there any value now also shipping catfish I.e do we need two ways two search for files and contents within files?

Let me know your thoughts.

I have always used Nemo (File Manager) so far. So far, Nemo has delivered the same results as Catfish. However, I have on my System 22. 04 currently only nemo version 0. 17. 0 and an update to nemo 5. 0. 5 has not reached me yet.
My System Ubuntu Budgie 22. 04 Raspi (upgrade from Ubuntu Budgie 21. 10 Kernel 5. 13. 0-1011-raspi #13-Ubuntu SMP).

Nemo search works as well as catfish for me , but I don’t have a huge number of files to search on the test installation. Appears to be just as fast even in the root file system.

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All - Catfish is no more - we have now dropped this as part of the default install. There should no longer be a catfish rightclick option in the nemo file-manager. File name search & file content search is available via nemo itself.

SDXC card and such like now appears in DropBy … so the popup prompt will appear when such a card is inserted in the same way as a USB drive & stick

Recent changes by the ayatana project has broken appindicators… you will see this with " No indicators" being displayed in the panel.

Installing ayatana-indicator-printers is a workaround for the No Indicators message.

I have raised this with upstream here "No indicators" is displayed in budgie · Issue #44 · AyatanaIndicators/libayatana-appindicator · GitHub

@fossfreedom I am creating lists of preferred applications on other GTK based Ubuntu Flavors, so that it might be a bit easier for our team to pick alternatives to the GNOME apps that are moving to libadwaita.

Starting with Ubuntu MATE

Web Browser: Firefox Web Browser
Mail Reader: Evolution Mail and Calendar
Image Viewer: Eye of MATE Image Viewer
Multimedia Player: Rhythmbox Music Player
Video Player: VLC media player
Text Editor: Pluma
Terminal Emulator: MATE Terminal
File Manager: Caja
Calculator: MATE Calculator
Document Viewer: Atril Document Viewer

Wasn’t kind the point of Mint’s x-apps ?