Testing 22.04 - Are you brave enough?

A big thank you for these explanations :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s just a shame that the keyboard layout doesn’t react like the other live Iso variants but I do understand this limitation .

Then it’s a choice made by Budgie. If expected keymap is not set accordingly to language set by user it may lead to weird situation during installation…

This mismatch does not happen while live-testing « regular » Ubuntu and it’s wise.

( but Budgie is not alone with this, other ( all ? ) variants do the same ).

The installer should sort this out.

What we are referring to is the live USB. I will not be adding any locales for the ISO.

I should have written : « it may lead to weird situation during the setup process of installation »

Let’s say your language is French, your physical keyboard is azerty but the logical keymap is qwerty, you may end up typing unexpected names or …password.

I know the trap with variants, so I care to change the keymap during live session before installing.

This is not needed with regular Ubuntu, which sets the logical keymap to azerty once french language has been selected.

I don’t know if it implies to « load » all locales for doing that - certainly more keymaps ?

Ubuntu has fr, it, es & de in its seeds - so its probably pulling from that. Probably should test a language/locale not in the list - e.g. thai, serbian etc.


RISCV64 support has now been enabled for Ubuntu Budgie

So you can now install ubuntu-budgie-desktop to get UB, budgie and customisation for your RISCV64 based machine.

If you are interested in a mini-project, it would be more than helpful to come-up with a way (step by step guide) to show how to run a RISCV64 based machine with Budgie via - for example QEMU

Some ideas:

The behavior ( keymap matching language - or matching physical keyboard ) is nowadays already different between Budgie ( or other variants ) compared to « regular » Ubuntu.

Why is that ?

( and indeed it’s not new and not limited to Budgie ).

Dunno - I haven’t noticed any issues simply because I only use en_GB.

Sounds like an issue for someone to delve into!

I also tried xubuntu, kubuntu , mate ubuntu and ubuntu in live mode and for the 4, when you start the iso, you choose the French language, you select “try () buntu” and it is indeed the French keyboard that is selected for the 4 distributions

Oh. Not like that in my memories, but good to know !

What were the versions of iso / systems ?

By saying french keyboard, do you mean AZERTY physical mapping and something like français ( variante ) for the logical mapping ?

That might mean it’s Budgie specific.

Unable to install Chrome OS layout is there a software source I need to enable ?

The budgie extras daily ppa … information on the first post.

The PPA has been installed for weeks . I see a notification that says failed to install.

Ah - good spot - yeah welcome should install the backports PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie/backports

Will send out a welcome update soonish

Thanks, installing a new daily build , having other issues. I’ve had this build since the beginning of the cycle.

Edit: Reinstalled, all is well !

on live ISO , the French keyboard is installed as you can see on the picture below but this setting does not seem to be applied. The qwerty keyboard is actually used and yes it’s a budgie specific bug i think

Hopefully this is a key new area that will debut in 22.04 - we need your help to refine it.

We have forked gnome-control-center - its now called budgie-control-center. We have been removing all the gnome-shell specifics. This is a key area we need your help to confirm.

Also a few changes have been made specifically to this initial release:

" Forked at v41 from gnome-control-center, budgie-control-center has undergone extensive refactoring to ensure install artifacts do not clash from those produced by gnome-control-center.

For this initial release, much of the gnome-shell specific capabilities have been removed.

In addition the following changes have been added:

  1. Display tab shows fractional scaling options if the distro carries Mutter X11 xrandr fractional scaling patches.
  2. Display tab now logically shows display privacy options
  3. Mouse acceleration options are shown on the Mouse properties tab
  4. Info overview tab shows the budgie-desktop version (if the version of budgie-desktop is later than the published 10.5.3)
  5. Info overview tab defaults to the Budgie Desktop logo
  6. Distros and Distro flavors can show their own logo - d4c6707"

If you want to help test there is a Jammy PPA available

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/budgie-control-center
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt purge gnome-control-center

Daily ISO hangs system.
Downloaded daily 22.04 and booted live on my Thinkpad T560 with a SSD.

After selecting to try UB it hung tight, nothing worked, hard reset needed.
These messages flashed

DMAR DRHD handling fault status reg 3
DMAR [DMA Write NO_PAID] Request dev fault add…
[fault reason 0x05] PTE Write access is not set

k - that sounds like a linux kernel 5.15 issue. This arrived in todays ISO.

Please manually file a bug here - tag the issue “jammy” OpenID transaction in progress

Do note - I did a quick google and in Arch they saw the first “status reg 3” message - their recommendation was to boot the kernel with the parameter


So its worth (after filing the bug report) trying that