Community project: Ubuntu Budgie Gaming

Hello wonderful people of Ubuntu Budgie,

Since I joined the team, I have been busy helping out behind the scene and getting familiar. One of the things I have been doing, is keep an eye on discourse posts. I saw there have been frequent discussions around gaming.

Then I saw a nice project on github regarding gaming on Ubuntu Budgie Welcome and I thought, why not get the community involved and have fun together?

So this is the idea:

  1. See if we can revive the wonderful idea to add a gaming menu to Ubuntu Budgie Welcome. . I am going to reach out to original author, but if someone else in the community wants to pick it up or create a new one from scratch, that would work too.

  2. Once we can get that finished and added to Ubuntu Budgie, we would have a very nice and fun foundation for more fun. What we can do with it depends a bit on how this menu/app shapes up.

  3. Fun community events can then start. Create some polls and get the community involved to submit and vote on entries for games or gaming related software we could add to this and make our Ubuntu Budgie tailored gaming list. Make a nice battle of the games, post or stream about it (depends on involvement) and see which ones make it to the top.

I will be very happy to hear what you guys think. Don’t be shy! Share thoughts and ideas.

Hi All,

I have a quick update on this topic. I have reached out to @HellBringer419 , the original creator of this app and who started this all. He graciously accepted to continue his work on this. :star_struck:

So… now what? :thinking:

  • If you are a developer: Please reach out and offer your help to review the code, make changes, etc.
  • If you are not a developer but a gamer and a member of our community: Check this thread, offer ideas, vote on the polls that we want to make about this. Offer to test when this app reaches the daily applet PPA. There is a lot that a non-developer can do to help out.

I am going to kick things off by bringing some update on what was previously discussed, and also adding some thoughts from the Ubuntu Budgie team.

#General idea
We believe that a gaming app within the Ubuntu Budgie Welcome is a great idea. It makes the distribution easy and pleasant to use, especially for new Linux users.

Things to avoid

I would like to avoid adding automated tools or instructions to have the users easily get kernel, mesa, and drivers that are not officially supported in current release. I know that hardware enablement on Ubuntu can be a bit of a pain nowadays, given the super fast hardware release cadence.
However, users that go outside of the standard stack are likely to encounter issues, and then our team would be forced to tell them we cannot help because they are using non-standard components. That sounds like a less than ideal situation.
Having said that, if many vote for this feature and against me, maybe we can consider with @HellBringer419 and our Ubuntu Budgie team, if it makes sense to either add some instructions on how to jump to development branch, or to provide those kernel/mesa/drivers updates, behind some disclaimers or hidden in some kind of “advanced mode”.
As you can see, it is a lot of work only to talk about this, so I’d leave it for future discussion, after everything else about this app is working fine.

Things we can add

I have 3 main categories of gaming related applications we can add to Ubuntu Budgie Welcome - Gaming.

Game clients and stores

Game clients: Steam, Lutris, come to mind. Is there any other popular one that is Linux native and widely used?
Game web stores: GoG and Humble Bundle don’t have a linux client but some of the games they sell are available for linux. Would it make sense to have links to those stores?

Gaming tools

This category would include those gaming-related tools that are widely supported, available for Ubuntu, and good quality. For now only 2 come to mind, but I am sure there are many more:

  1. OpenRGB (Generic RGB management tool for linux, updated and well respected afaik)
  2. OpenRazer and Polychromatic Awesome projects that bring linux support to Razer devices. I purchased a few just to test it out, and I can personally confirm it is up-to-date, works great, GUI is most likely the best I have seen for gaming hardware on linux in a long time
  3. CPU frequency scaler app is already bundled with Ubuntu Budgie, but maybe a link here could help gamers learn about it.


This would be super fun for a future release, after most important core aspects are handled. Have the community vote for some game recommendations. Say a top 10 we can use polls to vote and review once every release or so. Those games should be only from Ubuntu Repositories and Snaps, so that developers won’t need to work too much and our distros won’t end up with hundreds of PPAs.