Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 x64, asus UX303U - Feedback

Installed OK.
Lacks the Right-click function from get-go (added as suggested on FOSS).
Lacks ability to switch language using Alt+Shift, which would be useful.
Some compatibility issues with GIMP package developer for its plugins 9had to ask for someone else to compile it for me).
-Also, could have color options for event classification on calendar - would be very beneficial.

Hi and welcome,

some quick responses for your obs.

in the GNOME world … and hence budgie to switch language is Super + Space.

Budgie tends to frown on right click options for applets - for the reason that they are not very discoverable and most applications handle right click inconsistently.

No idea about GIMP - but that is a GIMP packaging issue not budgie.

Are you referring to GNOME Calendar? Requests for such needs to be made on the GNOME Calendar gitlab issue tracker.

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Thanks a bunch fossfreedom for your reply.
Right-clicking helps me determine the options I use (such as move instead of copy…-Or open in… - instead of by default…) -Seemes to me very useful…-So if there’s another option that’s the GNOME way, please do tell.

Are you referring to Files (also known as Nautilus) - the file-manager ?

1st update: registered to Gitlab, and submitted the GNOME calendar color code request as suggested.

2nd, yes - I mean the file manager. I went through several (different Linux distros which I didn’t stick with) so Nautilus. Bye-and-large, I try and base my file manipulations as simple as possible and use the right click to revert to whatever option I want to use at a specific point, if it is name change, opening in different SW, copying or moving etc…

Right - Files

supports right click just fine - you can use right click to move and copy. You can also drag and drop to move files, CTRL + drag and drop to copy files

Again, thanks - issue was corrected by the FOSS site (apparently was a problem with the Ubuntu release…)