Upgrading from 20.10 to 21.10

Currently running 20.10 and I missed the upgrade window apparently. I was unaware I would be unable to upgrade if I wasn’t running on LTS.

How do I go about updating? do I have to reinstall over my existing install? how do I keep all of my installed programs and files if I do this?

Any recommended backup programs I can use to fully restore my existing install if something goes wrong?

You can update from 20.10 to 21.04 … and then onto 21.10 using the answer here i.e. this means swapping to the old-repositories where non-supported distros are moved to.

Personally I take image backups of my harddrive onto a USB 3 drive using clonezilla

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THank you for the response, I followed the steps in that link and still get this error

An upgrade from ‘groovy’ to ‘impish’ is not supported with this tool.

Is there a way to specify that i want to upgrade to 21.04 first?

You probably have to set the supported: field to 1 for the next release otherwise it will skip to the next support version which is impish