Upgrade to 22.04.1?

Out of the blue, I just had a pop-up dialog ask if I wanted to upgrade my UB 20.04 to “Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS”. I assume by “Ubuntu” it really means “Ubuntu Budgie”. I didn’t even realize that UB could upgrade between releases. I’ve never upgraded between Linux releases before and have always installed fresh… Has upgrading like this become pretty much fool proof at this point? I’m inclined not to upgrade to a new release (either one way or the other) until the last minute. When exactly does support for 20.04 end? 20.04 has been creamy smooth and I hate change. :wink:

Hi @Underdog. As for the .1 upgrade, yeah it is safe. The main difference between normal 22.04 and point release is that the point releases have some fixes included that happened in the meantime.

As for the support 20.04 stays supported up to April 2025.

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s safe even when upgrading from 20.04?

Just to clarify. The ubuntu budgie team supports UB 20.04 until april 2023.

Canonical supports the base Ubuntu distro until 2025 and you also have the ability to purchase another 5 years of support on top of that.

Ah, thanks. Is doing an upgrade like this regarded as the way to go these days or should I do a fresh install when the time comes? Old habits die hard.