18.10 Ghost of window shows

If I select the Budgie menu and then move my cursor to some other part of the desktop and click, the Budgie menu goes away but the outline is still shown. This happens on other windows as well. Problem seen on different machines


yep - known issue. No ideas just yet how to resolve.

Oh, yes…I am glad I am not the only one. It also happens with notification pop-ups.

turning off window animations via budgie-settings resolves this as an interim measure.

If a resolution has not been found in the next week or so I will force window animations to be turned off until a proper fix is found.

I remember a long time ago when Solus first came out they had the same problem – with the same recommendation to turn off window animation.

I saw someone post on Manjaro’s forum about their Budgie installation and this issue. People were responding telling them to reinstall, change video drivers, etc. I responded that is is a known issue and to turn animations off.

Just wondering if there is any progress on fixing this? It would be nice if animations worked.

I personally haven’t been working on this. I have been concentrating on higher priority issues such as desktop icons for 19.04 and other 19.04 issues.

Upstream Solus Project say that they will look at these gnome 3.30 issues when they migrate… date unknown. Solus are apparently still on same GNOME baseline as 18.04 I.e. GNOME 3 28 which doesn’t have this issue.

I know someone from Fedora community tried to resolve but didn’t find a resolution.

Anyone else are most welcome to have a go at fixing.

Thanks for the info and update. :grinning: