Strange artifact budgie-wm


When I have turn on animations budgie-wm gonna to crazy. When menu opened clicked other window or desktop turning like this. Please help me :frowning:

That is a known issue in Mutter currently. Not much we can do about it at the moment unfortunately. Switching off animation will fix it for now.

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I jumped to ubuntu budgie from manjaro. I dont know how is like updates at here but when new updates came, can I update directly ?

I really like the budgie… But without animations its like just xfce or mate :confused:

Once it is resolved this will be a high priority backport that will be made I.e. you will not have to wait until the next ubuntu budgie release.

Thanks for info!

One more question. Is everyone has that problem? where is that issue coming from to mutter?

In nutshel: Is that about my hardware setup or not ?

I have 18.10 on three boxes here, all three quite different, but the issue is on all.

I am not sure if it is mutter or gtk+3.24 … but either way the fix will need to be done in budgie desktop itself.

I wanna ask one mode think too. Just looked to git page of budgie de. Last version released in 2017. Is that discontinued project ?

? is the correct upstream project and is actively developed.


Last release at 08-2017 :no_mouth:

Yeah. For 18.10 we just took the latest in git master

Isnt that old and meant stopped project? You know its relased in 2017

no - just look at the commits since 2017.

It just means the project hasnt done a formal release. It is due to do a formal release of budgie-desktop v10.5 probably is the next few weeks.

18.10 UB has basically got most of v10.5 in its release early.

Wow that a good news! Im so impatient for it! I was planning to go use Gnome again before your reply :blush: if its just few weeks I can wait for it. Respect you all developpers :blush::blush: