Animation effect

Hi, I wonder if we can adopt some of cool animation to windows effects like wobbly windows or magic lamp. On my Debian on Virtualbox I could add wobbly windows via Gnome extenssion, on KDE Neon as well. This animations looks so cool! I remember this kind of stuff from Ubuntu 12 or even earlyer. How you think, guys?

I will be honest. Those effects that I remember were of no practical use and kind of distracting in my humble opinion.

As such, it’s not an area that I am interested in developing personally.

That doesn’t stop others from pursuing… but dont expect the upstream team (I haven’t seen any indication that they are interested in this) nor Ubuntu Budgie developing this.

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I would be interested about this as well.
Once you’ve tried wobbly windows, it’s hard to go back to a monolithic move of windows. It’s not distracting or anything, it’s just more fluid, it feels more natural. Plus you can tweak it on several aspects in the latest Gnome extension, making it softer or stronger. I’m not a fan of childish effects, but this one just feels more professional.

To be honest, wobbly windows are back on Gnome for barely a month or so (previous extension was broken) and I haven’t used Budgie much ever since. And yes, it’s partly due to that (but also to PixelSaver not being as good as the Gnome Unite extension). I can’t use Budgie as a daily driver without them.