Is there any thing like the gnome compiz alike extensions for budgie?

Namely these two things Compiz alike windows effect - GNOME Shell Extensions and , Compiz alike magic lamp effect - GNOME Shell Extensions because I know that they wont work on bungie due to the window manger?
Anyways if you know do tell me

Or If not, How would one go around making one and if ever I made one releasing it to people who would like it

Also If you saw this on google I bet this is a long shot

Those extensions would have to reworked in Vala/C and built into the budgie desktop window manager itself.

Gnome extensions by definition are basically code that forms part of the window manager. Hence their fragility when they break on each gnome version.

I would absolutely be interested in being your guinea pig for testing wobbly windows if you have an interest in developing this for Budgie.
I don’t care much about other Compiz effects, though, just wobbly windows.

Whenever I go back from Gnome (same extension) to Budgie or Windows (for work), moving rigid blocks (windows) feels totally unnatural.
There’s no better feeling of smoothness.

Do you know how to code or someone that knows java-script thats what the extension is coded in and which isn’t my strong suit if we know someone willing to help there is a much better chance that this thing isn’t just left here because I’m lost when trying to move some code into other code

Also my incompetence is based of the fact I had a class for coding but was basically the learn to code website which might get people into coding is but which is practically no help when coding

Several members of the team have the experience here but none are interested in developing this.

Hopefully a community member will see this in the future and help out.