REQUEST : Port Zoom feature to Budgie

Recently I came to know that budgie doesn’t support zoom cause of its window manager budgie-WM, so I tried to install gala as ‘compiz’ is too heavy many say.

Gala worked fine with few problems like start menu key not recognizing but zoom worked perfectly.

Can anyone from the community port the same to Budgie as Upstream have a feature freeze or so.

It’s in vala like budgie-WM so it could be ported to budgie-wm?

Reference Below:
Gala zoom plugin


It will need to be an ‘inspired by’ port rather than a direct copy because the elementary license is gpl3+ whereas budgie-desktop is gpl2+/lgpl

This request should be via the upstream solus issue tracker as well if it isn’t already.

The issue is their but request to port it from gala is not their