Is there any way the current version of Budgie can support blur?

I very much wish that the current version of Budgie, 10.5, could have blur. Is there any way how at all? I’m talking about:

  • The panel
  • The lockscreen
  • Maybe context menus

I know KDE has all this, and I am planning to make the leap to Kubuntu until Budgie gets blur (Budgie 11). is it possible to get working blur in 19.10 (budgie desktop ==10.5)

Gtk3 does not natively support blur.

Gtk4 apparently does … it apparently will be ready sometime later this year. So GTK based desktops will then have the opportunity to use that capability if they so wish.

So I’ll have to wait for Budgie 11?

In cannot comment about v11 since I havent seen any details about it.

Hmm, that sucks :frowning:
I may or may not switch to KDE, not sure about that lol.
I’ll probably keep both…