Universal Access - Zoom - Not working

Hello, I hope I’m posting this in the right location.
My ubuntu is on the latest version Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS. Budgie is version 10.6.1
I am visually impaired, so I’m trying to utilize the Universal Access > Zoom feature.
It’s on, but nothing is working.
Any tips on fixing this? Would updating the Budgie version help?

If you have ubuntu budgie installed then the application called magnus would be installed. This is what is activated by the zoom option.

Okay thank you. I wasn’t sure if maybe there was a different app than magnus since magnus is completely impractical for continual use. Hopefully at some point someone develops something better for visually impaired users.
Thanks again.

Ah. This is definitely not an area i am familiar with. How could magnus be improved?

There is this snap … does this work for you? Install kmag on Linux | Snap Store

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Also there is in the repo xzoom - Any better?

FossFreedom, thank you for finding some alternatives! KMag isn’t perfect, but it’s SOOOOO much better than Magnus!
Magnus would go behind the web browser when you clicked on links, and then you’d have to bring it back to the front. It also did this weird thing where if you hovered the mouse anywhere over where the magnifying window was, it would basically go to this checkered pattern screen where you couldn’t see anything behind it., and you couldn’t use it.

I shared a screenshot just so you can see how it behaves.

KMag lets you follow the mouse, it keeps the magnifying window on top even when I’m interacting with Chrome.
It’s not perfect because it’s still it’s own window instead of being a full screen magnifier, but I can definitely live with this version and happily use Ubuntu with it.
MUCH appreciation for your help! I can now quit switching back to Windows because I need to see something better.