How about a Post on the Updates

The Software Updater had 189 MB of updates this morning.

Upon restarting my computer, I noticed a lot of changes. First off, suddenly the date was on the top of my screen where I have the time. Second, the Ubuntu Budgie logo was gone from the menu. Now it’s a circle within a circle. On Plank, Items like Files are changed. ALT+Tab is different. Personally, I don’t like the new ALT+TAB option. I don’t need to see the actual document I"m going to. I just need the name of the program that I’m tabbing to. Fonts on my browser are changed now. I don’t know if that’s from UB or not.

And now I see Tilix is screwed up. No black background now. Now it’s white.

I have a suggestion. Tell us what is going in this giant update. You should have a blog posting about it so we can be looking for all of these new things.

What version of ubuntu budgie are you using?

Please post some pictures of what you are seeing. Thx

Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.3

New Logo:


I fixed Tilix by changing the background and I took the date off on top.

Lets see if you have somehow managed to uninstall the key customisation package

sudo apt install --reinstall budgie-desktop-environment

Logout and login afterwards

That fixed it.