Glad to be back to Ubuntu Budgie

Man, happy to be back to Ubuntu Budgie. Ive been using Ubuntu Gnome D.E. for a few months as I wanted to test the "so-said new features and improvements" and I tell u all, all small things u do on day by day, like, rename files, maximizing, minimizing ,etc. Ubuntu Budgie is far away better on these matters, it runs more fluid and cohesive. Im glad I`ve installed back. Running all smooth on this latest version (only the installation took longer than usual - normally 20 min but it took 1 hour more or less and it said nvidia card was installed but system was not recognizing it. I had to uninstall nvidia driver from terminal, reboot PC and then install it via up Software upgrader app). Still, I strongly recommend Ubuntu Budgie and thx the team that put a lot of effort on it. I appreciate a lot.


welcome back @mavask71 ! Glad you are enjoying Ubuntu Budgie.
We have a few exciting improvements we are working on. Shuffler now has an applet and quite a few new features, we are working on a gaming section in our welcome, and more. We are happy if you stay around, check our discourse and take part in the discussions.

Few things we are working on: