Ubuntu budgie with compiz

Hello all , I am using Ubuntu from 12.04 14.04 and now I am using ubuntu Budgie 18.04.
When I try using Ubuntu Budgie , I like the appearance but for some feature I still like what I found when I use previous ubuntu unity version. For example the 2x2 workspace with smooth edge flip with just cursor.

So I try compiz with ubuntu Budgie to get the 2x2 workspace I needed (since there still not supported with the original ubuntu budgie ) and another feature I like and need. But of course it is not as smooth as expected

This Topic I create is for discussion about this - Compiz and Ubuntu Budgie combination - related content. If you are interested in this discussion please share your thought. I hope this can be useful

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Unity handles its “workspaces” (which they are not) totally different from mutter. Unity actually has a single workspace, split into sections, called viewports. These viewports only seem to be workspaces. The combination of Compiz (Unity is a Compiz plugin) and mutter, to achieve what you describe simply won’t work.

Well , I use compiz --replace to force it to work and It can do for me the 2x3 workspaces ( or viewports actually) . With some bugs (many , some ubuntu budgie feature get not working )

It is for the screenshot

Or maybe other a way to make a 2x3 workspaces (or viewport it doesn’t matter as long I can use it for my work flow ) which I can switch between workspaces with only moving my mouse to the edge of the screen in Budgie ?
I tried the budgie Workspaces Applet that used to switch between Workspaces but it not support to switch between workspaces with only moving the mouse to the edge of the screen.
If you watch the video I attached above , maybe you can understand what I mean.
Thank you . :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t know if it can help, but here the guy sounds happy with his compiz settings on ( Solus ) Budgie : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7Za3yxeFiQ

And I could not look at your video, webpage reads « The files in this link are deleted ».

Thank you @Coeur-Noir . I just uploaded the video Record at youtube

here for the new link

@Naturale what budgie functionality is broken when you switch to compiz?

-Budgie Windows resize is not working properly because it is using compiz windows decorator but I make use of compiz (alt+click) control to resize
-When a window get full screen till the up edge of the screen , I cant make the upper top panel appear even I bring my mouse to the upper edge. Then for me to show the top panel I minimize the windows first
-Budgie’ night light not working and I used redshift instead

For the other it is okay , maybe some minor but it is still okay for me to use for everyday use