Wobbly windows and magic lamp effect

As I said couple of times before - you should implement both od this to satisfied people who wants this effect. Even Zorin 16 has these fancy effects - you can turn it or not. Depends on if you want or not. Freedom to choice. This is all about Linux, right?

Not sure who the ‘you’ is here.

No one here is employed to work on the distro … so if something tickles their fancy they implement on it.

This isn’t an area that interests the current team.

So the freedom of choice here is for others to step up and implement.

I agree with you both.
I’m not particularly a fan of effects, but I love wobbly windows. They’re not gimmicks, as some might think, the feeling of smoothness it gives makes Windows or Budgie a bit monolithic and rigid, as if you were moving communist blocks. I really miss the softness on the eye of wobbly windows when I can’t have them. So, believe me, it’d be a game changer in my view if Budgie had them.

Yet… this is not something you can come and say “you should implement it to satisfy people who want it”. You don’t come and snap your fingers requesting things. You bring it up with humility, and see if there is enough momentum for someone to step up.
If not, you do it yourself or you wait for someone to step up. That’s how it goes.

I’ve had a car like that. Turned out I had a flat tire.
I can’t seen to understand the use of it, nor the elegance, nor the naturalness. So like all things in that case, (many) other priorities to spend our time on. Things that do have practical use and improve the workflow.
But like David said, feel free to implement.

OK, fossfredom, everything it’s now clear for me. So maybe you should at least think about to change the name of the topic on this discourse? The “wish list” in that case is simply misleading.

The category is appropriate

This is the place where you can make suggestions, and where we can discuss these suggestions. Anything that you’d like to see changed, new features, ideas for applets etc.

The emphasis here is the discussion which we are all having.

Do remember we are a community distro … so it’s the sum of all the efforts from a wide pool of talents. I welcome expanding that pool with those that have a passion and desire to make things better for all.