Maximize Animation Issues

Hello all. I was using Solus for long time. Even thought it was good and polished, much needed DEB packaging was missing, and this has become an issue for me. So I just went back to Ubuntu, but liked Budgie DE, so I could use my favorite DE on this distro too. The main problem was with this DE is maximizing/restoring animations. There are a lot of animations, for minimizing, hovers, popovers, tooltips etc, but this is the only missing thing here.

I can stand with this animationless maximizing/restoring, but the glitches in the video linked is axes enjoyment. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Note: It happens on both nVidia and Intel GPUs.


What version of UB are you using?

You mentioned nvidia. Are you using the nvidia proprietary drivers? I.e. have you enabled the driver in Hardware Drivers?