20.10 Bluetooth gets disabled, applet shows enabled, impossible to re-enable

Maybe Bluetooth got disabled due to Settings > Power > “Bluetooth can be turned off to save power”. But the applet does not reflect this change. After I disable that option in Power, the applet and Settings > Bluetooth look like this:

Note the toggle is “on”.

Bluetooth really is still deactivated as my mouse does not work.

Seems like multiple bugs here:

  • applet does not reflect state of Bluetooth (off)
  • applet does not allow to actually turn bluetooth on (it stays off)
  • Settings > Bluetooth shows it is “ON” even though it was disabled by Power settings (and after disabling that feature in Power, this window stays the same)
  • Settings Bluetooth in the state shown above: switch it off, back on, it still shows the empty screen, Bluetooth still does not work.
  • disabling the power save feature has no effect. Bluetooth remains disabled.
  • disabling the power save feature does not work at all, when I reopen Settings > Bluetooth, it is again still on “Bluetooth can be disabled to save power”.

Funny, but annoying:
Disable airplane mode via the applet turns on Settings > Power > Bluetooth power save feature. It is impossible to disable this feature even when connected to AC.

I wonder, am I really the only one noticing this?

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Sounds like you have specific bluetooth issues to your hardware.

Bluetooth is kind of complicated to track down where your issue actually resides - could be gnome-control-center (Settings). Could be gnome-settings-daemon where is the device management part of GNOME. Or it could be the bluez bluetooth stack that feeds info to GNOME.

The settings bluetooth on/off observations are key here. The applet is incidental to the issues.

First off suggest raise an issue on launchpad and let the triagers advise from there:

ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center

The triagers probably will want more logs if gnome-control-center isn’t the appropriate package to file the bug against.

I have the same problem on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with Budgie 21