22.04 icons changed?

Is there a way I can get back my old icon look I had with 20.04?

I used Pocillo in 20.04 and it is still set the same after the upgrade. It just appears many of the icons changed. Before they looked pretty much the same style as the icons on my apple devices which was a big reason for choosing it to start with… Now I am disgruntled and fumbling while I work because I use plank for click back and forth navigation from one program to another. The icons are different so I am pausing to choose what to click on and fumbling clicking the wrong things.

Let me see if I have a couple of screenshots I can attach of before and after the upgrade.



The underlying 20.04 theme is called moka and it is available in the repos

sudo apt install moka-icon-theme

Logout and login after installing and choose the moka icons in budgie desktop settings

KungFu perfection! Thanks!!!

I was about to ask the same question. I’m also using Pocillo Theme and have borrowed the Icons from White Sur. It works for me. Some of the new Icons just look wonky to me, otherwise everything is fine. KungFu perfection is a good way to put it. LOL