24.04 , Flatpak slow on start

installed 24.04 budgie. somes flatpak ( easyeffects , video downloader ) start slow ( 20 /30 sec) .
using mate ( installed in the same computer) near instant start, no problems.
where is the problem?

Similar issue here.

Suggest try the suggestions to diagnose what the potential issue is

  • not all flatpak start slow: spotify is ok, easyeffects and videodownloader not ok.

  • Not a user config problem, because i created a new User with admin privileges, re-installed Flatpaks on that account and no behavoir changes.

  • on the same system i have installed for test mate and xfce, all flatpak start with 0 delay. problem is only on Budgie 24.04 ; no problem in 22.04 ( 10.8.2 )

  • no messages when start flatpak from terminal

  • removed easyeffects ( flatpak ) and installed .deb :
    SAME Slow startup on budgie, ok on mate/xfce

Magpie culprit ?

I installed easyeffects from the repositories on 24.04 here - instantly starts up

Similarly - I installed video-downloader from the repositories and it also instantly starts up.


Created a standard user (non administrative) - again no issues.

So this is specific to your user account. What this is I have no idea.

video-downloader from the repositories ? not exist deb repo for this video-downloader

tested with differents account, administrative or not. problem only with budgie, and change user not do anything

Also same problem with snap of video-downloader…

I’m going to try a kernel downgrade
edit: not solve

Also tried on a separate laptop

sudo apt install easyeffects video-downloader

Both worked just fine

So my first laptop is amd graphics and the second is intel graphics.

ok, video-downloader is in repo 24.04

installed but not work , .deb, snap, flatpak.
same easyeffects.

all work on mate, xfce, gnome ( 24.04) , budgie 10.8.2 ( 22.04)

reinstalled os , now work.

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