5.15.35 Kernel Availability?

Just wondering when the 5.15.35 kernel will be available by default for 22.04?

I’m on Alder lake and it looks like a pretty decent performance bump


Currently my system shows 5.15.0-27-generic. Is there an easy way to update to 5.15.35 without breaking anything? Any idea when this update will be the default kernel?

Canonicals version number and upstream version number are different.

You need to look at the the package changelog to see the upstream version


As you can see .28 is the equivalent and on launchpad it entered the proposed repo on the 29th april.

It can take a minimum of 7 days from entering the proposed repo … it can take longer if the kernel fails its automated testing. For high security issues this 7 days requirement can be reduced.

At the end if the day it is up to the kernel maintainers when to release.