A stop job is running for Snap Daemon

The few times I reboot my system, it usually hangs for at least 1.30 minutes because a stop job is running for Snap Daemon this even happens after I do a clean install of Ubuntu 20.10, when it updated the system and apps for the first time and asks me to reboot.

As far as I know, I do not have any apps installed via Snap, I spend time to avoid Snap as much as possible as every alternative has faster startup times. I usually go for the repository of the developer (folder-color, Timeshift, AppImageLauncher, tlp, Spotify, Syncthing, Pinta, AnyDesk, DarkTable).

I believe only Budgie-Welcome is Snap, but it should not be running constantly so it could not trigger this issue (perhaps only at first boot).

How can I get rid of this 1min30sec delay?

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It appears to be an issue affecting quite a few people