Snaps Apps Slow?

Is it just my imagination, or are the Snap apps really slow to launch? I installed Hiri and Simplenote, and both seem to take far longer than their .deb companion apps on UB 17.10 to load. Same for Budgie welcome, which feels like it actually takes a bit to even close from clicking the close button to when it actually closes.

Am I hallucinating this or is it real?

I am not sure neither but I also have that same impression… WIll do more testing

on my laptop actually I see the reverse - budgie-welcome is much more snappier to open and close (i5 16GB).

Snaps generally are slower to start of the very first launch - this is because they are caching various stuff. Thereafter they should behave at very similar speeds as their debian counterparts.

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I use Atom editor (I installed it from sw manager and it was snap package).
It started more than 10seconds on my Thinkpad T25. And the occupied space of two versions in snap folder was more than 2GB.

I removed Atom snap package and installed Atom from deb package. Atom starts more than 3 times quickier and occupied much less space.

Generally the very first time you open a snap it takes a while to start. After that the second and subsequent time should be pretty fast.

On UB 18.10 I experienced slower Chromium when installed as Snap.

Yeah, it’s now generally acknowledged (including by Snap devs) that they’re pretty slow to initially open. Since I launched this topic (a year ago!) I had Snaps fail to install, not be able to access my file system, and have them generally look awful since they don’t match system themes. As a result of the increasing Snappification of Ubuntu and other reasons, I’ve long since dropped Ubuntu and am now very happily on Manjaro Budgie.

Snaps are a terrific and necessary thing for Linux long term (especially networks and IOT/auto), but wake me up when they work and are ready for prime time for home enthusiast users…

sudo apt purge snapd sudo apt install synaptic are the first things I do after fresh install. Instantly solves the Ubuntu ‘snappification’ problem, which for me is not about the snap system itself, but Canonical pushing it way too much. It’s a good thing snap system exists, but only for those who need/want to use them.

Isn’t that harder to do now that Snaps are being integrated as default apps and functionality into the OS?

For UB welcome is a snap. We dont have any other snaps integrated.

There isn’t anything that can be considered OS functionality/integration and purging snapd isn’t gonna break anything. Mainline Ubuntu Disco has maybe four or five accessories as snaps as default, calculator and whatnot. The flavors have even less, Kubuntu had none the last time I checked. After the purge you can just delete the ‘snap’ folder from home and if you think you need those accessories, they are available in package manager. If you like to use the software center, it also becomes more usable, since you’re not constatly trying to dodge the snap packages while intalling apps.