Adding wifi driveless printer install broken

Beginning with 22.04.2, including 22.10 and 23.04, trying to add a driverless wifi printer fails.
I have tried using cups admin as well as the printers application. It doesn’t matter which printer you try to install, brother or HP.
Using the Printers application, doing an add and it finds the wifi buth install fails. Using Cups directly you get the error ‘cups-driverd failed to get PPD file - see error_log for details.’
The log states:

Unable to create PPD file: Could not poll sufficient capability info from the printer (ipp://HP%20ENVY%204500%20series%20%5BF3768E%5D._ipp._tcp.local/, ipp://HP288023F3768E.local:631/ipp/print) via IPP!
copy_model: empty PPD file
[Client 60] Returning IPP server-error-internal-error for CUPS-Add-Modify-Printer (ipp://localhost/printers/HP_ENVY_4500_series_F3768E) from localhost.

Think this one should be raised on launchpad - I do know that is actively looked at.

Suggest possibly raise against the cups package

ubuntu-bug cups

On upstream I spotted this which mentions avahi and an arch wiki entry - but treat with caution - take advice from Ubuntu’s printing SMEs

Did you verify the printer has IPP enabled? Or does the printer model even support IPP?

This is quite a vexing problem. I spun up a liveCD of 22.04 and it found my wifi test printer, an HP Epson 4500. I was able to print as expected. I then spun up a liveCD of 22.04.2 and again tested with my wifi Epson printer. The print system could not connect. I have tried both dnssd and ipp drivers but no luck.
This is a complex problem with many moving parts. So, not sure where to begin.

OK, solved the problem, was a bad network configuration not the install.