Anyone good with gimp?

I am trying to crop my image to exactly 2560x1440 because this is the size youtube channel works with. I go to image->scale image but IT just DOESNT work??

If you want to crop you need Image -> Canvas size (uncheck link horizontal/vertical sizes).

I have to say they should absolutely look into this and offer a crop (named so) feature with high visibility. A month ago, I wanted to crop an image and even with Internet search I couldn’t manage and eventually cropped my image in a different app.

Imagine a noob trying to do it.

How is it possible that you need an Internet search or a forum help request to crop a goddamn image in an image editing app!?

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It actually is like that. Make a selection, choose image > crop to selection. I am sure it is in the manual.

crop tool

This is the crop tool icon on the side bar. Vlijm is also correct: if you want to crop your image to a very specific x by y, choose image> canvas size

Of all the GIMP tools, it is very close to Photoshop.


Gimp isn’t very intuitive or user friendly at all unfortunately.
Especially for simple tasks like crop I would stick with gThumb that comes by default with Budgie or basically any alternative.

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Thanks for these explanations. I don’t remember it being that easy. Is the (new) canvas size automatically adjusted to the cropped image size?

I replied here from the top of my head, and I used both GIMP and Inkscape intensively at the same time, I might actually have confused both. I would need to check again the process of cropping to new canvas to see if my complaint can become moot. If it is actually that easy.

Beside the cropping into a new canvas, I remember I also wanted to crop an image and paste it on a different image then resize it. I had a very hard time.

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In the past (Windows/Mac days), I used to work with Photoshop, now mostly with Gimp (obviously). Occasionally, I still use Photoshop though.
I must say it always occurs to me how counter intuitive Photoshop is, compared to Gimp. In Gimp, all makes perfectly sense to me, but tastes differ.

Using canvas & cropping has never been different on Gimp as far as I remember btw.

@vlijm I would have a look at Glimpse. It is a fork with some different defaults to make it a little more intuitive. I had not used Gimp in a long time, and when I opened up Glimpse, I was pleasantly surprised at how much more it was like Photoshop comparatively.

Now I must say that I have not used Gimp in a long time, so maybe these changes are also there. :man_shrugging:

But you can easily test with the snap package and see if you like it.

sudo snap install glimpse-editor

Hope that helps.

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Crop or resize ?

Canvas or layer ?

You also may use « scaling tool » ( not sure of the english words here ) then things like adjust canvas to layer…

Menu → Picture/Image or right click on a layer → Picture/Image → adjust canvas to layer.

Canvas is the « total visible workspace » ie. it’s the size of your finished exported picture.

Layers are just things you put and move on that canvas. Layers can be bigger or smaller than your canvas.

… But as I said, I do like Gimp, don’t like Photoshop, so not really looking for a more-like-Photoshop experience :slight_smile:


If you only need crop / resize feature there are easier tools indeed.

Gimp like Photoshop and others, is a layered tool for manipulating pictures.

So while using them, when you open a picture you actually open a canvas at the same pixel size of your picture, and picture is one layer on top of this canvas.

Canvas and layers may have different sizes.

Once that in mind ( what is the canvas, what are the layers ) crop and resize have no more secrets in Gimp :wink:

Oops, I misread that! My bad.

My studio simply won’t pay for more Photoshop licenses, so I use GIMP. I use it for a limited amount of cropping and converting files from .jpg to .png and greyscaling images for reuse.
I agree: Gimp and Photoshop both get the job done, but they aren’t the same. BUT, if you needed a crutch to get over the difference, there are a number of keyboard remapping strategies, like this:

You should learn the keyboard commands and inworking of cross platform GIMP for it’s own sake, though.

C’est gentil d’avoir pris le temps, mais je connais le principe d’un canvas ou des layers. Il n’y avait pas besoin de tout réexpliquer. :upside_down_face:

Par contre, Fit Canvas to layers m’aurait bien servi. :+1:

(End of French digression)

Anyway, to further detail the features I had a hard time with (whether it was with GIMP or with Inkscape), I would need to take some time to check it, probably on the weekend.

Well I answered to you but I did not mean you did not know : it was just an opportunity to emphasize on the canvas / layer concept which is the key difference between those kinds of programs ( gimp, 'toshop and the likes ) and things like gThumbs, ShotWell, XnView.

For resizing / cropping those latter may get the job faster done.

@sigska @mezcalbert

For noobs I highly recommend Pinta in addition to gThumbs.

Pinta is a Windows Paint version for Ubuntu and is extremely easy and recognisable for most users. I use it to quickly edit screenshots or resize/crop JPGs (although I use gThumbs for that nowadays) or use it to modify PDFs after saving them to tiff.

Although Pinta has not seen a new version since 2015, it’s a finished piece of software (just like Windows Paint).

If you don’t know MS Paint: Pinta is an extremely simplified and limited alternative to Inkscape.

“Drawing” comes with 20.04 UB - the crop tool is very straightforward to use


Pinta requires mono dependencies. No go for me.
Resource-wise firstly.
And secondly because most mono apps are bloated and feel heavy, Pinta included. I tried it anyway some years ago but I got rid of it and the crappy mono dependencies after only a few minutes.

Drawing, I tried it but don’t remember why it wasn’t satisfying.

In any case, even though I think some features could be more straightforward in GIMP or Inkscape, I still managed to do what I had to and learned in the process. Hence, I ended up fine with both of them and with gthumb for simpler stuff. :+1:

Drawing ? That curious image editor without zoom ? It may be good just for screenshots, but don’t open photographs or big pictures with it.